The Infosys Innovation Network: Adding Startup Innovation to Our DNA with Rajeev Nayar

December 08, 2021

Rajeev Nayar, Vice President, CTO Data Analytics at Infosys discusses startup partnerships and explains how Infosys evaluates startups and which value they provide to the business and its customers.

Hosted by Jeff Kavanaugh, VP and Head of the Infosys Knowledge Institute.

“We need companies that are working at the cutting edge. That are bringing new ideas to the table and are trying to look at the world differently.”

“So we bring this perspective of being able to take the startup and fit them into an overall solution, which becomes much more valuable for our customers.”

“Startups can look at working with Infosys, not just as working with the service provider, but working with a partner that is trying to help them succeed.”

- Rajeev Nayar


Show Notes

  • 00:08

    Jeff introduces himself and Rajeev

  • 00:44

    Rajeev talks about his role and his practice at Infosys

  • 01:23

    Can you describe why startup collaboration? Why is it important to pull startups into the mix?

  • 02:30

    You mentioned a lot of startups. How many do you work with now? And what's the value that they provide?

  • 03:25

    How do you evaluate a startup? Let's say, you've got this idea, or you have this need without going into the proprietary details. What are the criteria you use to evaluate a startup?

  • 04:50

    How do you align your and your client, your client's part time horizon with the needs of a startup?

  • 06:40

    For that startup founder out there. What are some specifics that they can think about to partner with an orchestrator, like an Infosys or a large entity? What can they do?

  • 08:10

    How do you differentiate this, this offering or this service you've just described from that Y Combinator traditional incubator of Silicon valley?

  • 09:01

    Great, as we wrap what do you recommend for people to learn more?

  • 09:37

    How can people find you?

About Rajeev Nayar

Rajeev Nayar

CTO of Data & Analytics practice at Infosys

Rajeev has 20+ years of experience in the IT industry and is the CTO of Data & Analytics practice at Infosys. His focus is on developing autonomous systems, customer intelligence solutions, cognition, AI, smart and scalable data solutions. Rajeev, with his team, holds a few patents for cognitive engine – Digital Brain, Big Data processing engine – Big Data Edge and APPARE for automated pavement profile analysis.