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  • Ahead in the Cloud: Building an AI cloud platform for all with Nvidia's Shanker Trivedi

    January 10, 2023
  • Nvidia's head of enterprise business explains why he believes AI is shaping up to be the greatest technology force of our time. Shanker Trivedi describes how the company is combining its world-class hardware and robust development community to construct a cloud-based AI platform for power users and digital novices alike.

    Hosted by Chad Watt, researcher and writer with the Infosys Knowledge Institute.

    “Every single company should pursue AI, but the most important thing is to work on the projects which are going to deliver the most amount of return on investment.”

    “There's the most interesting thing that I'm finding with our enterprise customers. The amount of data is not as important.”

    “AI can actually help you assess that risk and work through all the different scenarios so that you as a decision-maker have way better insight before you make certain decisions on your supply chain.”

    - Shanker Trivedi


  • NVIDIA is not a hardware or a software company, we're a computing company, and most important of all, we're a platform company. A platform company starts with developers and outreaching to developers. We are the only AI computing company that works with all of the other AI companies, and that has a very wide base of developers and ISVs that are supporting the platform.
  • A factory takes raw materials, uses some machinery and some processes to create finished goods. So an AI factory, in the same way, will take the raw material, which is data, and then the machines are software robots. In some way, the finished product is some sort of intelligence.
  • As the data changes, the factory has to operate continuously in order to keep the intelligence current.
  • The problem of diversity of data and removal of bias and the accuracy of the model can be fixed by synthetic data generation. This is a new domain within AI where the computer will produce the data, and the beauty of the computer producing the data is that, by definition, it can be unbiased. And by definition, it can go into corner cases.
  • If you wanna be an AI platform, you need to go understand it end to end. You can't have a platform for autonomous vehicles or autonomous robots if you don't build your own vehicle and your own robot.
  • Because we're a simulation company, we realized that we can just have a relatively few number of cars, but based on having those, we can actually then artificially generate a huge body of synthetic data and use that data to train the engine of the car.
  • There are three areas of next major breakthrough in AI. The first thing is large language models. Large language models becoming production. Second, generative AI, where the computer produces the data. And the third one is the use of recommender systems.
  • AI can actually help you assess that risk and work through all the different scenarios so that you as a decision-maker have way better insight before you make certain decisions on your supply chain.
  • Manufacturing automation is the industry that stands the most to gain from AI. The value for quality control on a recall is just giant. If you reduce your type one errors by 50%, the cost of doing the recall, the warranty replacement is just giant.

Show Notes

  • 00:30

    NVIDIA makes this bold statement that AI is the greatest technology force of our time. Briefly tell me why you guys make that assertion.

  • 01:38

    Do you consider NVIDIA to be a hardware company or more of a platform business today?

  • 02:39

    You have a rich set of application software for AI that's been developed within NVIDIA. How do you collect that catalog that the users, the developers have put together and make it accessible to people who are less proficient with technologies, people who aren't power users, people who are just new to AI?

  • 05:06

    Could you do this without cloud?

  • 06:09

    How do you turn a data center into an AI factory?

  • 07:42

    What sort of companies should be pursuing AI?

  • 07:58

    How do you govern that?

  • 11:17

    Tell me why is NVIDIA making your own self-driving car?

  • 13:23

    Where do you see the next major breakthrough in AI? Is it in this kind of metaverse side of things? Is it the language processing? Data management? Data processing?

  • 18:23

    We went through some chaos, are we gonna have better models coming out the backside of this now that we've had this reset?

  • 19:11

    What industry stands the most to gain from AI?

  • 19:45

    What industry right now is doing the best with AI?

  • 20:10

    You have a business leader who wants to understand AI. They're new to it completely. Where do you recommend she or he start?

About Shanker Trivedi

Shanker Trivedi

Shanker Trivedi has 30+ years of experience in senior executive roles in the U.S., the U.K. and India. Shanker is currently Senior Vice President of Enterprise Business, for NVIDIA Worldwide Field Operations. He has led worldwide sales and business development for NVIDIA’s Datacenter and Professional Visualization products since 2009. His responsibility includes TESLA HPC and Hyperscale Datacenter servers, DGX AI Supercomputers, QUADRO graphics workstations, and CUDA, OpenACC, Deep Learning, and GRID virtualization software solutions. His objective is to exponentially grow NVIDIA’s enterprise revenues by focusing business development on lighthouse customers, expanding geographic sales coverage of large enterprises, strengthening partnerships with start-ups and application providers, and leveraging go-to-market partnerships with OEMs, CSPs, solution resellers and integrators in manufacturing, oil & gas, financial services, digital media, healthcare, government, and education verticals. Under his leadership, NVIDIA’s Enterprise revenue has grown to over $1.6 billion in FY17.

Prior to NVIDIA, Shanker was a member of the executive leadership team at Callidus Cloud (Nasdaq: CALD), between 2005‐08. During this period company revenues doubled to over $100m. Prior to Callidus, Shanker held various senior executive positions at Sun Microsystems between 1996-2005. As Vice President and General Manager, he doubled Sun’s revenue in UK between 1998 and 2001 to over $1.3bn. At Sun, he also set up a new business, the Global Datacenter Solution Practice. Prior to Sun, Shanker held various sales, marketing, and general management positions at IBM (Europe), and ICL/Fujitsu and other companies in UK and India.

Shanker holds an M.B.A. (Gold Medal 1st rank) from IIM Calcutta and a M.S. in Mathematics and Computing from IIT Delhi.

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