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  • Ahead in the Cloud: Posten Bring's Cloud-powered Evolution from Paper to Pixels with Arne Berntzen

    April 17, 2024


  • Posten Bring's transition from legacy systems to cloud-based solutions has not only streamlined internal operations but also empowered employees to deliver enhanced customer experiences. By leveraging cloud technologies, the organization has achieved greater agility, scalability, and efficiency, enabling them to adapt quickly to market demands and innovate at a rapid pace.
  • The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into Posten Bring's operations demonstrates a commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies responsibly and ethically. By piloting generative AI and incorporating AI capabilities into their observability platform, the organization is poised to unlock new levels of efficiency, predictive analytics, and proactive problem-solving, ultimately driving better outcomes for both employees and customers.

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About Arne Berntzen

Arne Berntzen

Arne Eric Berntzen is the CIO at Posten Bring. His passion is the interaction between technologies and business de-velopment and how companies can grow in a sustainable way. Arne has experience from consulting services and different roles within postal and logistic operations. He is skilled in IT Strategy, IT System Development, IT Operations, IT Cost Management, e-commerce and digital innovation. He works hard to support Posten Bring to succeed with their strategy to make a difference in the Nordic Market.

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