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  • Ahead in the Cloud: Delivering Scale and Service in the Credit Union Cloud with Anurag Sharma

    October 23, 2023
  • Anurag Sharma, CTO at VyStar Credit Union talks about IT in financial services. The discussion covers IT service management in the cloud, digital transformation and how to leverage data and AI to deliver a hyper personalized customer experience.

    Hosted by Chad Watt, researcher and writer with the Infosys Knowledge Institute.

    “Regardless of the industry, digital technology plays a critical role in approaching fundamental business challenges and succeeding in delivering on business outcomes.”

    “We need our people to be bold and not be afraid to fail. But what I really mean by this is be iterative, learn from mistakes, but always have a plan.”

    “The primary focus of a technology in financial services is on delivering a seamless experience while doing it safely. That's what is unique about IT in financial services.”

    - Anurag Sharma


  • VyStar is the second largest credit union in Florida. It's the 13th largest credit union in the nation.
  • We are actively on our cloud transformation journey and we are looking to deploy more and more workloads in the cloud in near future.
  • In technology, adaptability and innovation are critical to keep up with our ever evolving landscape.
  • Digital transformation and a smooth product delivery are important to all industries. We talk about artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud, data analytics, workflow optimization. These are all industry agnostic. So in last decade or so, we have seen organization embark on digital first data, first cloud, first journey, and I see that we will pivot to AI first very soon across all business sectors.
  • The primary focus of a technology in financial services is on delivering a seamless experience while doing it safely. That's what is unique about IT in financial services.
  • We leverage the power of data and AI to deliver a very hyper personalized customer experience. Secondly, we leverage cloud and DevOps. So this helps with new business capabilities to deliver business outcomes in a cost-effective manner in a very agile and fast pace. Thirdly, instill a culture of curiosity and continuous learning in the organization. It is very crucial to stay resilient and relevant in today's world.
  • By fostering collaboration with FinTech startups and traditional financial institutions, both sides can benefit from each other's strengths and together we can drive innovation, enhance customer experiences and shape the future of financial services.
  • The advent of cloud computing introduced a fundamental shift in IT service delivery. It has allowed teams to become very nimble. You can be remote yet scalable and become very service oriented.
  • The future is going to be hybrid with an inclusion of on-prem component and a multi-cloud strategy. There will also be several SaaS platforms in the mix here.
  • So achieving interoperability in cloud would be cloud to cloud, be cloud to on-prem systems is essential for seamless data flow, resource utilization, maximizing the benefit of this hybrid and multi-cloud environments.
  • These enable data movement between different systems, seamless, which is key data is like lifeline and blood of any organization today. Having access management capability to allow users to authenticate and access resources across multiple systems with a single set of credentials.
  • Containerization and orchestration technology like Dockers and then Kubernetes tools simplify the deployment and management of applications across different environments.
  • Finally, establishing monitoring and governance practices to track these data flows, these service interactions and performance metrics are going to be very important critical with cloud interoperability.
  • We actively monitor and manage cloud spend as it is crucial to ensure that teams are optimizing costs and staying within budget else. Cloud can become very expensive very quickly.
  • Assessing and guarding against any potential threats in a hybrid multi-cloud environment requires a very comprehensive and a strategic approach towards information and cybersecurity.
  • I would say another important thing is to deliver value quickly and build credibility. So instead of long-running projects, delivering new capabilities that functions every few months in an incremental manner builds the confidence in technology. And thirdly, it helps to make business goals a key part of technology strategy.
  • Funding is going to be required to keep the lights on and overcome the technical debt. It is critical to map the investments and funding requests to business outcomes.

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About Anurag Sharma

Chief Technology Officer at VyStar Credit Union

Anurag Sharma

Anurag Sharma is Chief Technology Officer at VyStar Credit Union. In this role, he is responsible for Enterprise Architecture, Technology Infrastructure and Data Center Operations, Cloud, DevOps, Production Management and End-User Computing to support a superior member and employee experience including operational excellence, stability, and scalability. He has 22+ years of experience leading large technology teams and is passionate about disruptive innovation, continuous improvement, and talent development. He serves on the board of Jacksonville PACE Center for Girls.

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