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  • Ahead in the Cloud: Harnessing Open Source for Innovation with Rafee Tarafdar

    July 07, 2023
  • Infosys Chief Technology Officer Rafee Tarafdar explains how open-source software can be used in large enterprises to power innovation and deliver resilience. He tells us about Infosys’ plans to be more intentional about harnessing open source with cloud and artificial intelligence by setting up an open source program office.

    Hosted by Chad Watt, researcher and writer with the Infosys Knowledge Institute.

    “Open source is still equally relevant even with all the evolution and development we are seeing in the AI space.”

    “Today if you look at it, a lot more powerful models are there in the closed access model space, but we are now seeing equally good come up in open access model space as well. So I think both of them will flourish and both of them will coexist.”

    “If you look at Infosys, we run some of the world's largest tax platforms in India for the government. The entire platform in itself has been built largely on open source technology. It has been built using all the cloud native concepts, architecture and design patterns, and it is made fully scalable, fully resilient, and there is significant amount of observability at scale and all.”

    “We have actually run a lot of mission-critical platforms at population scale as well as at enterprise scale using open source and we are very confident that when the right software and stack is chosen, it can deliver the outcomes that the business expects.”

    “If you look at Infosys as an organization, while we have been working on open source for a very long time and we've been using open source in a very strategic way, over the last few months we have now decided to be more intentional and strategic about it.”

    - Rafee Tarafdar


  • Open source is still equally relevant even with all the evolution and development we are seeing in the AI space.
  • More innovation will happen if open source and AI are intertwined.
  • Much of the innovation in applications for web servers, app servers, databases, and data warehouses and data platforms came from the open source community and then become mainstream.
  • Three concerns about open source software for business leaders are resiliency at scale, confusion about licensing policies, and security.
  • Infosys has set up an open source program office to establish a framework for nurturing and and driving usage of open source within the company. Infosys has also been an active contributor to the open source world.
  • The open source program office focuses on five areas:
    • processes and policies for usage, contribution and sharing
    • creating a community of open source contributors and engineers
    • being active contributors
    • bringing the voice of customers to open source creators
    • innovating holistically through the ecosystem of open source partners and contributors

Show Notes

  • 00:12

    Chad introduces himself and Rafee

  • 01:00

    How is it that open source is relevant in this kind of climate of AI-first technology programs and product launches?

  • 02:41

    Which open source model do you think is going to produce the most useful tools for business right now?

  • 03:59

    Open source and cloud are tightly linked in modern technology applications. Do you see a similar sort of linkage happening between open source and AI down the road?

  • 05:17

    What are one or two of the best ways you see open source being put to work in cloud?

  • 07:14

    What are the three or so most common misconceptions about open source software?

  • 09:18

    Security, licensing, resiliency. Do you feel confident that open source, there are options out there for any sort of business that could put these to work?

  • 09:52

    How long have you been thinking about and working with open source?

  • 13:04

    Is there something that a typical enterprise can do better with open source than they have been doing with proprietary? Can you give an example of open source becoming the choice over a proprietary system?

About Rafee Tarafdar

Rafee Tarafdar

Rafee is Infosys’s Chief Technology Officer. He is responsible for the technology vision and strategy, sensing & scaling emerging technologies, advising and partnering with clients to help them succeed in their transformation journey and building high technology talent density. He also leads the architecture and technology strategy for all the business and technology platforms.

At Infosys, he founded and incubated the Strategic Technology Group a business capability unit of chief architects, power programmers and digital specialists working on large complex cloud and digital transformation initiatives. He spearheaded the Live Enterprise program that drove Infosys’s own internal transformation to be a digital native company. The Live Enterprise vision, approach and enabling IP/Platforms is today helping Infosys clients to accelerate their transformation journeys.

He is the co-author of The Live Enterprise book, co-author of “Microchanges for Large Scale Transformation” published by Harvard Business Review and has presented and published several technology papers.

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