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Ahead in the Cloud Podcast

  • Modernizing Delivery with Posti

    November 08, 2021
  • Petteri Naulapää, CIO & SVP, ICT and Digitalization for Posti Group discusses migration to cloud and explains how Posti’s cloud oriented approach enabled them to better serve their customers.

    Hosted by Chad Watt, researcher and writer with the Infosys Knowledge Institute.

    Music by Mixaund.

    “We didn't really have a great strategy in the beginning. <…> And when I talk to my colleagues in different companies, I think the situation in many places is quite similar.”

    “We need to be better in understanding what we want to use the cloud for.”

    “We want to become a modern delivery and fulfillment company with progressive profitability. And from our point of view, that actually means that we will put more effort and more investments in the new growing businesses than in the old.”

    - Petteri Naulapää


  • Posti Group gamified very heavy job of delivery workers by creating points based system. This made their work more meaningful and more fun.
  • Posti Group didn’t have a great cloud strategy in the beginning. Many companies find themselves in a similar situation when they decide to move to cloud.
  • Cloud is a tool for companies to save time and money. But for this to work, firms need to understand what are the costs of the cloud. They need to know well their own competencies to run cloud in a more effective way. Also, they need to decide what makes sense to be in cloud and what doesn't.
  • About three years ago, Posti Group was taking everything to Cloud. Today, they have a cloud strategy. This helps them to prioritise which applications and systems should move to cloud.
  • Posti Group takes software-as-a-service approach when making decision on what to move to cloud. They move everything new into cloud software as a service as much as they can, and then old legacy case by case.
  • Three years ago, Posti Group realised that investing in AI is beneficial. They created a centre of excellence and hired more experts in the area. Now they have about thirty algorithms in production use in different areas. AI cleans up mistakes and saves money with quality and efficiency.
  • Santa Claus receives about half a million letters every Christmas. Posti Group takes care of the logistics on the back of Santa’s business. Posti’s high level of automation and automatic sorting machines help Santa to concentrate more on children.

Show Notes

  • 00:06

    Chad introduces himself and Petteri

  • 00:43

    Petteri talks about his background

  • 02:10

    Is there anything thinking back on that first experience of implementing an ERP that has helped you in implementing the shift of digital assets from on-premises to cloud?

  • 03:19

    How did a delivery business, Posti, a post office that's been around for hundreds of years come to the realization that technology would be so important to your business?

  • 05:11

    There's this phrase I've heard from another company called a segment of one. You basically are serving your customers not as groups of people, but as individuals. How far have you guys gotten on that front?

  • 05:29

    Chad and Petteri talk about parcel automats. Petteri shares the insights that are popular with Posti’s customers.

  • 07:47

    How has your cloud oriented approach enabled you to better serve your customers in the way they prefer?

  • 09:47

    Obviously you use technology with a focus on your customers to a great degree. Let's talk a little bit more about how your cloud systems have empowered your employees to do their jobs better.

  • 11:50

    How is Posti using cloud and AI to make better use of all the data you collect and share?

  • 13:19

    We've talked about the virtues of migrating to clouds. What are some of the common pitfalls you have to work through as you're shifting to cloud?

  • 14:23

    You mentioned there's what should be in cloud and what shouldn't be in cloud. How have you kind of come to your decisions on that? Do you have a methodology? Are there some things that absolutely go in cloud, some things that absolutely don't go in cloud?

  • 15:30

    I believe that Posti has the honor of running Santa Claus' Main Post Office. How many letters does he receive every year and how do you use technology to help Santa Claus in his correspondence and delivery work?

About Petteri Naulapää

Petteri Naulapää

Petteri Naulapää is the CIO & SVP, ICT and Digitalization for Posti Group. He is responsible for leading the digitalization and information technology (IT) of Posti supporting the strategy and transformation of the company. Petteri reports to the CEO of Posti Group and is a member of the Posti Leadership Team.

Petteri has worked in multiple companies in different industries driving transformation and major technology and operational model changes. Prior to joining Posti, he worked as CIO for a leading retail company and as CIO for a global high tech company. Before that he held various sales and business leadership roles in software industry and consulting.

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