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  • Ahead in the Cloud: A New Era of Cloud with Anant Adya

    September 20, 2023
  • Anant Adya, EVP for Infosys Cobalt explains the new era of cloud. The episode covers findings from the Cloud Radar 2023, cloud spending, generative AI, and recommendations on how to manage cloud today.

    Hosted by Chad Watt, researcher and writer with the Infosys Knowledge Institute.

    “if you don't evolve the way you manage cloud, you are at a risk of losing big time.”

    “AI will be one of the disruptions that is pretty much going to become mainstream for every enterprise.”

    “Most of cloud consumption will be driven by AI pre-trained programs.”

    - Anant Adya


  • Utilization of cloud is an issue. The utilization of contractual commitments doesn’t go beyond 50%. Cloud was originally used for infrastructure as a service but has since developed a broader range of uses. That can be expensive.
  • Many companies have a hard time predicting their cloud spending. This needs to be changed. Companies need to have a very robust methodology because it will provide a better return on investment.
  • You need to have a right strategy in terms of where you're going to leverage cloud, how you're going to leverage cloud, and what kind of commitments need to be made around that. That’s essentially what has been missing.
  • First, get an inventory and get the knowledge of what you have. Second, optimize that cloud spend. Third, do a forecast of your cloud requirements for 3, 6, 12 months down the line. If you follow a very robust methodology of Cloud FinOps, you'll be in far better control in terms of your utilization.
  • You can't take a tactical approach to Cloud FinOps. It has to be a very strategic approach. That's what we are telling our customers, and that's what is missing today.
  • We recommend a three-step approach to the way you should manage the whole cloud thing. Firstly, you have to monitor the cloud, you have to predict what you need in the cloud and you need to master that particular thing. Secondly, embed business case in the cloud. Lastly, adopt a value centric cloud operating model. That is a very important thing - what is the value that the cloud operating model is going to deliver?
  • At the early stages of the cloud, one provider was doing everything. But today we talk about three to four players in the account or in the enterprise who are actually delivering cloud work. Because cloud is not just about infrastructure as a service. It has IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. That’s essentially why today it is more than one player.
  • Cloud has moved from just being a tech initiative to a business initiative. Companies that will not evolve in how they are using the cloud are at risk of losing big time.
  • AI will be one of the disruptions that is pretty much going to become mainstream for every enterprise.
  • Most of the cloud consumption in the future will be driven by AI projects. Customers will use pre-trained AI models. They will create their own AI training models from scratch, and they will require a lot of compute and storage to do that training. And that compute is not available in the data center, it is in the cloud.
  • To train, deploy and engineer AI training models, companies need capacity. And that capacity is something that you can get from the hyperscalers in the cloud.
  • The shift of cloud spending is going to happen more towards grow and disrupt from just save and optimize.
  • Cloud is going to be a foundation for every AI project.
  • To contain the cost of cloud or consumption for AI, use pre-trained AI models and use small data sets for training. If you still have to start from scratch, there are the hyperscalers who will provide you capacity on demand as a service without spending tons of money for CapEx.

Show Notes

  • 00:06

    Chad introduces himself and Anant

  • 00:45

    What's new in the cloud?

  • 01:19

    Chad and Anant talk about cloud for integrating acquisitions.

  • 02:41

    Chad and Anant talk about cloud spending. What did Cloud Radar discover about cloud spending?

  • 03:02

    Why are people still spending more in the cloud?

  • 04:23

    All right, cloud spending is up. You've given me some inputs on how, but are they spending it with the same people or are they spending it with other people?

  • 04:55

    Would it be possible for a big business, one of these global 2000 businesses to go back and really just roll back to one single cloud provider?

  • 05:27

    Cloud works well, it's used for more and more things across the enterprise. Companies are spending more, they're using more cloud providers. That sounds good. Are there some concerns emerging around the edge of this?

  • 06:14

    So companies aren't using all the cloud they've committed to?

  • 09:12

    How well known is FinOps, and how well adopted is FinOps?

  • 07:26

    How do you make AI ethics that's proactive and not just kind of reacting and banding over things that we've seen go incorrect?

  • 10:19

    How do you get a good handle on how much more you should spend? If we're growing at 20%, how much should our cloud spending be growing?

  • 11:01

    We've talked about cost. Let's talk about security and governance. What are the emerging complexities around security and governance in terms of cloud?

  • 12:07

    Cloud keeps getting better and it keeps growing more complex. And Cloud Radar 2023 argues companies need a new approach to how they manage cloud. Give us some advice. How can you do that?

  • 13:37

    Do you think generative AI is still going to be a game changing technology?

  • 14:59

    AI uses compute at an exponential rate. Are there some ways you can control for that?

  • 16:38

    Assume that this is the early days for industry clouds. Where do you see industry cloud developing most rapidly and why?

  • 18:06

    Can you shed some color on how companies spending an investment in cloud has changed over the past two years, and forecast ahead, what it's going to look like in 2024 and beyond?

About Anant Adya

About Anant Adya

Anant Adya is EVP and GTM Head for Cobalt at Infosys. He and his team are responsible for designing solutions to help customers in their Digital and Cloud journey. Infosys Cobalt is a set of Solutions, Platforms and Services that help Enterprise Journey to Digital. They also leverage the Infosys Innovation team to partner with the start-up ecosystem to co-create solutions for customers. He is very passionate about Industry Clouds, use cases around the 6 Technologies (Cloud, AI, Data, Edge, IoT & 5G) and most importantly working with Enterprises to focus on Business Outcomes.