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  • AI Interrogator: The AI Gravy Train, Opportunism, and Innovation with Zoe Kleinman

    February 20, 2024


  • The emergence of a booming AI industry is emphasized, characterized by a "gravy train" of startups vying for a share of the wealth and power associated with AI. The challenges of distinguishing genuine AI innovations from opportunistic ventures are discussed, shedding light on the industry's current landscape.
  • The conversation delves into the regulatory complexities surrounding AI, acknowledging the difficulties in governing a rapidly advancing technology. The awareness of the limitations in regulating tech, especially after the social media challenges, is emphasized, raising questions about the adequacy of existing frameworks and the necessity for international collaboration in AI regulation.

About Zoe Kleinman

About Zoe Kleinman

Zoe Kleinman is the BBC’s first ever Technology Editor, appointed to the role in 2021. With over 20 years broadcasting experience, Zoe has spent most of her career as a specialist presenter and reporter covering all areas of the tech agenda. She has also presented BBC Radio 4’s PM Programme.

From gadgets and games to cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, she makes tech news accessible to a mainstream audience of millions across national and international BBC Radio, TV and online outlets including Radio 4’s Today programme, BBC World TV, and the UK’s most watched news shows.

Zoe has raced drones in the Nevada desert, taken a backseat drive in a driverless car, spent the night in a house full of robots and climbed Mount Everest in Virtual Reality.

She’s reported on Elon Musk’s controversial takeover at Twitter, the volatile world of cryptocurrency, the gender bias in Silicon Valley, Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal, and her exclusive reports about the parents whose children accidentally spend thousands of pounds inside video and mobile games was discussed by politicians and led to a parliamentary committee hearing on gaming and gambling.

Zoe’s wider journalistic skills are hugely respected across the BBC and in 2020 Zoe was asked to work as a senior journalist on the BBC News team covering the Covid-19 pandemic.

A confident and entertaining speaker who is in demand as a host, chair, panelist and lecturer, Zoe’s expertise and knowledge of the tech sector is brought to life by her engaging style. Her networking skills and ability to engage with people from all walks of life ensure many repeat bookings.