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  • AI Interrogator: The Power of Teens' Voices in AI with TeenTech's Maggie Philbin

    January 22, 2024


  • Highlighting the significance of open conversations surrounding AI ethics, the discussion underscores the need to include diverse stakeholders beyond the tech elite. This approach ensures a more comprehensive and equitable perspective when addressing ethical considerations related to artificial intelligence.
  • AI can bridge gaps, offering a level playing field for students with diverse abilities and learning styles, reinforcing the idea that AI has the power to enhance educational inclusivity.

About Maggie Philbin

Maggie Philbin

Maggie Philbin is well known for her work in radio and television where for over 30 years she has reported on a wide range of science, medical and technology programmes from Tomorrow’s World to Bang Goes the Theory. In 2008 she co-founded TeenTech, an award-winning charity which works across the UK getting young people innovating, creating, building skills, and preparing for a fast-changing future. TeenTech helps students, parents and teachers understand the real opportunities in contemporary industry.

She received the WISE Award for Communication and Outreach for her work promoting diversity in 2013. In June 2016 she was voted most influential woman in UK IT by Computer Weekly and also named 2016 Digital Leader of the Year. She was awarded an OBE in Jan 2017 for her work to promote careers in STEM and the Creative Industries. In July 2017 she received the Tech4Good Special Award and in 2019 TeenTech was awarded the Best Employer and School Outreach.

She is patron of the Council for Professors and Heads of Computing and has been awarded ten honorary degrees and fellowships for her work.

About the TeenTech Charity

TeenTech helps young people understand opportunities in contemporary industry, no matter what their gender or social background. Their engaging, sharply focused initiatives reach over 14,000 students aged 8-19 every year and are carefully planned to involve teachers and parents as they are the main influencers in career decisions. Over 300 companies and 40 UK universities work with TeenTech helping deliver their exciting programmes to students across the UK.

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