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  • AI Interrogator: AI-Powered Customer Experiences with Sitecore's Cara Caruso

    May 13, 2024


  • Sitecore leverages AI to streamline processes and boost productivity for marketers. By automating mundane tasks and reducing manual efforts, AI enables teams to focus on strategic initiatives and deliver more impactful results. This insight underscores the transformative potential of AI in optimizing workflows and driving efficiency across various business functions.
  • The discussion touches on the importance of balancing personalization efforts with privacy concerns. While AI enables real-time decision-making based on user behavior and preferences, maintaining trust with consumers is paramount. Brands need to build trust by respecting user privacy and ensuring transparent data practices. This insight highlights the delicate balance between leveraging AI for personalized experiences and safeguarding user privacy in today's digital landscape.

About Cara Caruso

Cara Caruso

Cara Caruso is currently a Regional Vice President of Sales at Sitecore, bringing experience from previous roles at Capgemini, R2integrated, Adobe and 21st Century Fox. Cara Caruso holds a Bachelors in Marketing from Penn State. With a robust skill set that includes Leadership, IT Strategy, Solution Selling, Customer Relationship Management Crm, Information Technology and more, Cara Caruso contributes valuable insights to the industry.

Her personal mission is to drive profitable revenue growth for clients. Through a 25 year career that weaved between technology and financial services, Cara offers a unique perspective with experience in B2B and B2C. When provided with goals, Cara is known for exceeding expectations - it's about more than delivering numbers. She prides herself on the complete customer experience. Whether it’s building a financial services business from nothing, or rapidly growing a product line, her success stems from creative solutions and implementing repeatable business processes.