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  • AI Interrogator: AI for Sustainability with Google’s Miku Jha

    April 16, 2024


  • Miku Jha's emphasis on starting with the problem rather than the technology itself highlights the importance of a problem-centric mindset in AI development. By identifying real-world challenges and considering how technology can be leveraged to solve them, organizations can ensure that their AI initiatives are purposeful and impactful.
  • The discussion on the integration of sustainability and responsible AI practices underscores the growing importance of ethical considerations in AI development. By incorporating principles such as energy efficiency, environmental impact, and user safety into AI frameworks, organizations can ensure that their AI solutions not only deliver business value but also contribute positively to society and the environment.

About Miku Jha

Miku Jha

Miku Jha is a director of AI/ML at Google Cloud. She is a visionary senior technology executive with a proven track record of leading large organizations and driving transformative solutions for earth-scale problems. With deep expertise in applied AI, business messaging, ADs infrastructure, IoT, and mobile virtualization, Miku has consistently delivered exceptional results throughout her career.

Currently Miku is leading the AI/ML Center of Excellence at Google, focused on innovating, accelerating and scaling the adoption of Google’s world-class Generative AI solutions for the ecosystem. Prior to joining Google, Miku spearheaded the Applied AI Innovation unit at Meta. Her leadership was instrumental in orchestrating the build-out, launch, and expansion of groundbreaking AI solutions for Meta's products and platforms. She successfully unlocked a new multi-billion-dollar revenue stream by launching and expanding Meta's WhatsApp Cloud API, revolutionizing business messaging.

Miku also contributed to industry-wide advancements through the release of the open-source cross-media ADs measurement framework, "Halo." Miku's entrepreneurial spirit has led to three successful startup exits, highlighting her exceptional talent for turning innovative ideas into commercially successful ventures. As the founder and CEO of AgShift, a globally recognized AI-powered platform for autonomous food quality evaluation, Miku achieved a remarkable 33% reduction in food waste across the supply chain in leading food organizations. She secured a patent for a versatile IoT platform and pioneered the industry's most advanced AI-enabled food quality analyzer, Hydra. This product has significantly improved operational efficiencies and reduced food waste, making a positive impact on the environment.

Throughout her career, Miku has demonstrated her ability to effectively lead large teams and drive innovation. Her leadership roles at IBM and VMware showcased her prowess in managing global business units, leading successful mergers, acquisitions, and integrations. Beyond her professional achievements, Miku is passionate about mentorship, particularly empowering young women in technology. She has served as a technical advisor and advisory board member for multiple startups, guiding and nurturing their growth. Miku's outstanding contributions and leadership have earned her prestigious accolades, including being recognized as a Forbes Next 1000 Honoree in 2021 and as one of the top 10 Women Business Leaders by Mirror Review.

Miku Jha's remarkable journey as a senior technology executive is defined by her ability to tackle earth-scale problems, drive innovation, and deliver exceptional results. Her expertise in applied AI, combined with her entrepreneurial spirit, has enabled her to create groundbreaking solutions and lead organizations to success. Miku's dedication to mentorship, combined with her numerous achievements and accolades, establishes her as a dynamic and influential leader in the technology industry.