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  • AI Interrogator: The Use of AI Tools in Education and Personal Productivity with Cisco's Courtney Batiste

    April 23, 2024


  • The podcast episode sheds light on how AI technology is transforming productivity by providing personalized support and guidance. By leveraging AI tools, individuals, especially those with ADHD, can better manage their tasks, schedules, and focus, leading to improved efficiency and performance in both personal and professional settings.
  • With the increasing integration of AI into various domains, there's a pressing need for ethical education to ensure responsible AI usage. Initiatives like and are instrumental in educating young learners about the ethical implications of AI, fostering critical thinking skills, and promoting cybersecurity awareness. By equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills to navigate AI technology ethically, we can mitigate potential risks and maximize its benefits for society.

About Courtney Batiste

Miku Jha

Courtney M. Batiste was born and raised in Beaumont, Texas. Her parents were leaders and advocates in their small community. Courtney graduated from Lamar University with a bachelor’s in human resource management and the University of Phoenix with a Master of Business Administration-General Business. With very few options available, she opted to follow her passion for business and love for technology to foster a career in network engineering. Throughout her career, she has held multiple positions at various large organizations, including but not limited to manufacturing, transportation, government, and technology. Her energy and drive around new, bleeding-edge technology allowed Courtney to travel the world to evangelize and collaborate with many talented individuals. Courtney noticed most often that she was the minority in most places. This led to acknowledging the commitment to supporting the next generation of technology pioneers. She had the opportunity to volunteer and support amazing youth organizations over the years. However, Courtney had the desire to do more. With the support of her amazing peers and family, Courtney started The Batiste Project.

The Batiste Project’s mission is to empower, educate, and bridge the tech divide for economically challenged youth in multiple technology areas to give them a head start and opportunities to explore STEM and technology careers with hands-on experience. We are excited to focus on providing technology experiences, training, and access to competitions, including but not limited to workshops, project-based computer science education, coding, hackathons, website design, AppDev, and job and life skills education in the U.S. and future internationally.

Courtney enjoys spending time with her daughter, Morgan, and their dog, Jack, in her spare time. She is an avid indoor cyclist, a lifetime learner, and a part-time DIYer.

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