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  • AI Interrogator: How AI Transforms Automation and Enterprise Workflows with Appian's Gabby Rothschild

    May 30, 2024


  • AI's integration into automation is transforming enterprise workflows, reducing manual labor, and increasing efficiency across various industries by handling complex and repetitive tasks.
  • The future of AI in traditionally slow-to-adopt sectors like healthcare and government holds significant promise, potentially revolutionizing processes and solving critical issues with advanced automation and data management capabilities.

About Gabby Rothschild

Gabby Rothschild

Gabby Rothschild is a Senior Product Manager at Appian, where she develops AI and machine learning products. Prior to Appian, Gabby worked as a consultant at Yext with enterprise clients. Gabby earned a B.A from the University of Pennsylvania, and currently resides in Washington, DC.

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