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  • AI Interrogator: Generative AI Adoption Across Industries with Mona Dash

    December 12, 2023


  • At Infosys, we are seeing a lot of interest in AI technologies from all our customers, irrespective of vertical or where in the globe they are. They are mostly interested in generative AI. The industries that are most interested are FS, CMT and manufacturing.
  • Most enterprises are being quite cautious when it comes to generative AI. They are concerned about the security and data privacy. They're also conscious about how they're rolling it out in the organization. And they want to get the right framework in place before experimenting too much with it.

About Mona Dash

Mona Dash

Mona Dash heads Infosys Topaz, an AI First suite of offerings, in Europe. Mona is a seasoned Tech sales leader with over twenty years of experience in Europe, in complex solution sales in the OSS, BSS and more significantly in the Automation and AI solutions space. She works across the partners ecosystem and industry verticals with a view to articulate and enable Infosys service lines and customers with AI led and enabled programs. She is a Telecoms Engineer, holds an MBA and also a Masters in Creative Writing. She is an award-winning author of five published books, has been featured in more than thirty anthologies, and is also a public speaker. With this intersection between Technology and Creativity, she is both excited and cautious about the possibilities and challenges Generative AI offers.