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  • AI Interrogator: How can we make AI responsible with Clare McGlynn

    February 27, 2024


  • The Taylor Swift deepfake incident highlights the urgent need for responsible AI practices, emphasizing the importance of proactive measures to mitigate the spread of harmful content and protect individuals' privacy and dignity online.
  • To effectively address deepfake threats and uphold responsible AI, policymakers must prioritize comprehensive regulation and platform accountability, ensuring that legal frameworks are agile enough to anticipate and address emerging forms of digital abuse.

About Clare McGlynn

Clare McGlynn

Clare McGlynn KC (Hon) is a Professor of Law at Durham University, UK, and a leading authority on regulating image-based sexual abuse, deepfake abuse and pornography. Her research and policy advice has been instrumental to the adoption of new criminal laws tackling online abuse, including cyberflashing and deepfake porn. She worked with a coalition of civil society organizations to improve protections for women and girls in the UK’s Online Safety Act 2023, as well as giving evidence to a number of Parliamentary committees and inquiries regarding online abuse. She has worked with Meta, TikTok, Google and Bumble to shape better responses to online abuse. Her recent books include Cyberflashing: recognising harms, reforming laws (2021) and Image-Based Sexual Abuse: a study on the causes and consequences of non-consensual imagery (2021).

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