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  • AI Interrogator: The Legal Challenges and Considerations of AI Development with Lorna Woods

    March 14, 2024


  • Professor Woods suggests that there is room for improvement in our approach to AI regulation. She emphasizes the necessity of clear regulations and a balance between safeguarding public interest and fostering technological innovation. Furthermore, she sheds light on the complications emerging from multiple regulatory regimes in different regions and how they interact.
  • The discussion also ramps up as they delve deeper into the complexity surrounding the creation of AI models, ranging from data sourcing problems to issues concerning copyrights, data protection, and illegal content. The listeners also gain an understanding of the intricacies related to the legal aspects, including confidential content, personal data, and privacy protections.

About Lorna Woods

Lorna Woods

Lorna Woods is Professor of Internet Law. She started her career as a practicing solicitor in a technology, media, and telecommunications practice in the City of London. She has extensive experience in the field of media policy and communications regulation, including data protection, social media, and the Internet (see list of publications below). She has also contributed to many commissioned studies, including, for example, the RAND Study on Options for and Effectiveness of Internet Self- and Co-Regulation’ (2007)) and the Hans Bredow Study on Co-regulation and the Media (2006) to the European Audiovisual Observatory study into Media Pluralism and Competition Issues (2020). Her expertise in these fields is reflected in the fact that she has been asked on numerous occasions to give oral evidence to Parliamentary inquiries across the technology, media, and telecommunications sectors both in the UK and abroad. She has worked with international organizations - for example, chairing an Expert Working Group on Content Moderation and AI for the OSCE's Representative for Freedom of the Media's SAIFE initiative. She also has a long-standing interest in privacy, especially privacy in public places and the law relating to surveillance and is well-known as a European lawyer for the Textbook on EU Law (Steiner and Woods).