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  • AI Interrogator: Navigate Business AI with Shamala Sadananda

    December 18, 2023


In this podcast episode, Kate Bevan interviews Shamala Sadananda, a tech champion at Infosys, about the emerging technologies in the field of AI. Sadananda discusses the evolution of AI from its early days in the 1950s to its current mainstream adoption in various industries. She highlights the trend of multimodal AI models, which can generate content in various formats such as text, code, images, videos, audios, music, and 3D models. Sadananda also mentions practical applications of AI, including disease diagnosis and virtual advertising. The conversation touches on ethical considerations in AI, such as the use of AI voices and digital humans, and the need for responsible and regulated approaches. The podcast concludes with a discussion on the potential of AI to save lives and the importance of using it in a controlled and ethical manner.


  • AI has evolved from niche programs to mainstream adoption in various industries. Generative AI and multimodal AI models are top trends in the field.
  • AI has practical applications in disease diagnosis, supply chain management, and virtual advertising. This technology should be developed and used responsibly, considering ethical considerations and potential concerns.

About Shamala Sadananda

Shamala Sadananda

Shamala is Senior Principal at Infosys Center for Emerging Technologies (iCETS). She is a technology strategist with over 24 years of experience leading large innovation programs, strategic enterprise initiatives, and implementing emerging technologies. She has collaborated with numerous Fortune 100 companies across diverse industries, consistently delivering cutting-edge and innovative solutions.

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