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  • WONGDOODY's Skyler Mattson on Brand Experience in a Digital Economy

    27 Jul 2019
  • Skyler Mattson, WONGDOODY President and Founder of The Motherboard discusses brand experience and what it’s like to lead an agency in today’s disrupted digital economy.

    Hosted by Jeff Kavanaugh, VP and Head of the Infosys Knowledge Institute.


Show Notes

  • 0:44

    Skyler talks about her professional career at WONGDOODY.

  • 1:20

    When WONGDOODY became a part of the Infosys family?

  • 1:50

    Addressing one burning question - What does “WONGDOODY” mean?

  • 2:40

    Skyler’s approach to creativity: where to find it and how to nurture it throughout your career?

  • 3:53

    The big themes in World Economic Forum that relate to creativity. Skyler talks about the panel on AI hosted by Infosys and importance of making considerations regarding humanity in order to be a successful business.

  • 5:41

    Skyler shares her branding perspective on the differences between the next generation of consumers and customers and the older generation. Companies must understand their “why” and share it externally.

  • 6:43

    Skyler talks about the consumer research platform – agile insights practice. And the approach to getting insights from consumers.

  • 7:07

    Moms are the most powerful consumers in the world. Skyler explains The Motherboard – an online community of 2,000 moms.

  • 8:09

    The reasons for the disconnect between the most powerful consumers in the world and the way brands are trying to reach them. Why do brands fail to reach moms?

  • 10:08

    Example of how The Motherboard developed an agile insight for one Infosys’ client.

  • 12:34

    Skyler explains how brands can authentically connect with their consumers.

  • 13:23

    Skyler gives an example of one of the opportunities that Infosys brought to the table.

  • 14:03

    Looking at the agile part of The Motherboard. How much time does it take from having an idea to launching it and getting it out to the community?

  • 14:50

    Skyler talks about the quality of the responses produced by The Motherboard.

  • 15:36

    How are participants at the Motherboard incentivised? Are they paid?

  • 16:15

    Skyler talks about the next steps for The Motherboard and opportunities.

  • 17:17

    What kind of people does WONGDOODY hire?

  • 18:18

    What is the message WONGDOODY gives to people?

  • 20:12

    What are the books or authors that stood out as references or sources for Skyler’s career development?

  • 20:23

    Skyler talks about her mentors.

  • 20:56

    Skyler shares her thoughts on getting more women into the creative industry.

  • 22:10

    Parting thoughts.

  • 22:25

    How can people find Skyler

About Skyler Mattson

Skyler Mattson

Skyler is the President at WONGDOODY, a human experience agency powered by Infosys, a global consulting and IT services company. She has built her career building customer experiences for clients across a range of categories, from consumer-packaged goods, to technology, to entertainment. She oversees efforts for global brands including Amazon, P&G, and Kraft-Heinz.

Skyler is Founder of The Motherboard, a global community of thousands of moms who advise companies how to innovate for better brand experiences. She is making it her mission to support moms in the workplace and to more authentically connect with them in marketing.