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  • Annelore Arnold and Thomas Wouters on Agile Development

    December 13, 2019
  • Annelore Arnold, Program Manager at Telenet and Thomas Wouters, Brilliant Basics client lead, discuss agile transformation. The discussion covers how to build an agile team, how to deal with failure and how to learn from it.

    Hosted by Anand Verma, European Head of Digital Services for Infosys and Founder & CEO of Brilliant Basics, Infosys’ Design Studios.

    “The agile mindset and the focus on collaboration will benefit everywhere in any model really, but it's also about doing what's right for you and not sticking to a certain theory just because that's the theory.”

    - Annelore Arnold


Show Notes

  • 01:32

    Annelore talks about herself.

  • 02:05

    Thomas shares his background.

  • 02:43

    What Telenet is as a company? What do they do and what are their sphere of influence within Belgium and outside?

  • 03:41

    OneApp has gone through its own ups and downs. Annelore shares the story.

  • 06:03

    Annelore talks about importance of trust. How trust was built on this program from the get go?

  • 08:01

    How one app has been managed from senior stakeholder perspective?

  • 10:02

    If you have to create an agile team, what are the few skill sets that you must look for?

  • 12:30

    Every company looks at agile in a very different way. For those who are on the agile journey, what are those frustration moments? Annelore talks about “agifall” and “agifail.”

  • 14:47

    Do you need a project plan for agile?

  • 15:43

    Annelore played lot of sports growing up and still does. Does she feel that coming from a competitive background makes her a little bit more driven within the team?

  • 17:32

    From failing to learning. Annelore shares her thoughts.

  • 19:29

    Thomas shares his views about the journey of OneApp from Brilliant Basics perspective.

  • 23:29

    From building that trust with Telenet as, in this case, a client, how did Thomas go about it with the team to build that trust and understanding the culture part of that trust?

  • 26:06

    Thomas describes the partnership between Telenet, BB and Infosys?

  • 26:35

    Annelore and Thomas share their favorite books and explain why they like them.

  • Music by Ruhan Verma, 13-year-old upcoming Drummer and Producer

About Annelore Arnold

Annelore Arnold

Annelore is agile coach and scrum master at Telenet. Annelore has over 10 years of experience in various product and delivery roles. She started her career in consulting working on a variety of clients – both public and private – and then moved into telecommunications where she has worked on various IT programs, product launches and digital products. Annelore thrives on building strong products and bringing out the best in the teams and people she works with.

About Thomas Wouters

Thomas Wouters

Thomas is client lead at Brilliant Basics. He started off his career in digital over 10 years ago. After working for creative marketing agencies he made the jump to Product, UX and Design 4 years ago.

Thomas prides himself in his relationship building skills with clients and is happiest if he can go above and beyond and help create a culture and way of working where his clients and the teams can shine.