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  • Victoria Payne on Agile Product Delivery

    June 26, 2020
  • Victoria Payne, Scrum Master and Agile Coach at Brilliant Basics, discusses agile product delivery and how its landscape changed since she started her career. The discussion covers the role of cross-functional teams, the role of management and why many agile projects fail.

    Hosted by Anand Verma, European Head of Digital Services for Infosys and Founder & CEO of Brilliant Basics, Infosys’ Design Studios.

    “Shouting at a team to get something brilliant created is not going to produce a good product. What makes a good product team is the trust and the transparency and the collaboration.”

    - Victoria Payne


Show Notes

  • 00:06

    How has the product delivery landscape changed since Victoria started her career?

  • 02:28

    Victoria shares her background.

  • 07:21

    What is the value of a cross functional team?

  • 12:34

    What is the role of management in agile product delivery?

  • 14:09

    Anand and Victoria talk about the trust part in agile product delivery.

  • 19:45

    Why do so many agile projects fail?

  • 23:53

    What are some of the major obstacles that clients are facing, companies are facing, when it comes to product delivery?

  • 25:57

    Victoria gives recommendations to CEOs.

  • 25:35

    Victoria shares her favorite book.

  • 33:17

    How can people find Victoria online?

  • Music by Ruhan Verma, 13-year-old upcoming Drummer and Producer

About Victoria Payne

Victoria Payne

Victoria is an Agile Coach and Scrum Master at Brilliant Basics, with over a decade of experience in digital product delivery. Early in her career she performed a variety of roles from quality assurance to project management, before seeing the benefits of Agile delivery. She now leads Agile transformations and helps develop high performing teams, whilst fostering an agile culture and environment around them.