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  • Christian Contemori on the Meaning of Innovation

    December 20, 2019
  • Christian Contemori, UX Lead at Brilliant Basics discusses the meaning of innovation and how innovation can be built inside culture. The discussion covers the story of the first companywide hackathon, creativity, randomness and how to build sustainability inside innovation.

    Hosted by Anand Verma, European Head of Digital Services for Infosys and Founder & CEO of Brilliant Basics, Infosys’ Design Studios.

    “Sometimes innovation just comes into being, it just emerges without too much previous or prior planning, but that is more like a serendipitous innovation that's harder to plan. If you discover things then you should be quick at bringing that knowledge in.”

    - Christian Contemori


Show Notes

  • 00:48

    Christian shares his background

  • 06:05

    What is the meaning of innovation in Christian’s mind?

  • 08:58

    Christian shares his thoughts on innovation as a service.

  • 13:17

    Christian is talking about a recent large-scale hackathon that he organized in the company.

  • 20:33

    Anand and Christian talk about “randomness” in innovation.

  • 23:12

    Christian shares his key takeaways from the hackathon experience

  • 25:56

    What are some of the misconceptions about the innovation and the reasons why it can fail?

  • 26:51

    What is the metrics to measure success?

  • 29:35

    Anand and Christian talk about the concept called “T-shaped people.” Which skills are important?

  • 32:40

    Anand and Christian talk about sustainability and how to build it inside innovation.

  • 35:41

    What’s Christian’s favorite book and why?

  • Music by Ruhan Verma, 13-year-old upcoming Drummer and Producer

About Christian Contemori

Christian Contemori

Christian is UX Lead at Brilliant Basics. He has an MSc Human Computer Interaction with specialisation in cognitive science, information architecture, interaction design and usability engineering. He started his UX career in 2015 in digital start-ups and innovation incubators and has consolidated his practice in the digital agency realm and delivered solutions spanning from areas of great systemic complexity such as software enterprise and digital employee experience to the most customer centric implementations of blue-chip financial entities.

In his UX leadership position he has been guiding clients through intensive weeks of workshops as well as defining operational strategy and business transformation. Via design, he has enabled successful deliveries to an overall cumulative project worth and profitability value exceeding £20 million.