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  • Sanat Rao on Digital Banking

    August 25, 2020
  • Sanat Rao, the Global Head of Infosys Finacle, discusses digital banking. The discussion covers Infosys Finacle, customer experience and how COVID-19 impacts the financial services and banking sector.

    Hosted by Anand Verma, European Head of Digital Services for Infosys and Founder & CEO of Brilliant Basics, Infosys’ Design Studios

    “On the one hand, digital technologies are proving to be disruptive, but if banks are not careful, then it can be the death knell for many of them.”

    - Sanat Rao


Show Notes

  • 00:46

    Sanat shares his thoughts on the role of technology, customer experience, digital and financial services in the banking sector.

  • 06:47

    Sanat shares his background.

  • 10:41

    Sanat talks about Finacle.

  • 13:04

    Sanat and Anand talk about evolving nature of customer experience.

  • 16:22

    Sanat shares a real use case example of Finacle’s work.

  • 18:17

    Sanat talks about open banking.

  • 22:16

    What are some of the most popular misconceptions that people have about digital banking?

  • 26:00

    What is a platform-driven business model? And how to tap into platform opportunities?

  • 35:18

    How did COVID-19 impact the digital banking space?

  • 41:01

    Sanat shares his view on stakeholder capitalism.

  • 45:17

    What should be the role of a leader in the current situation that we're in?

  • 49:06

    Sanat shares what he is presently reading.

  • 51:48

    How can people find Sanat online?

About Sanat Rao

Sanat Rao

Sanat is the Global Head of Infosys Finacle, based in London. As the Head of this business, Sanat consults with CXOs in traditional and emerging financial institutions and helps them leverage the power of modern banking software to drive truly digital transformation to achieve frictionless customer experiences, larger ecosystem play, insights–driven interactions and ubiquitous automation. He brings over 25 years of global banking and technology experience to the table. Prior to his present role, Sanat was a Senior Partner and Vice President at IBM Global Business Services.

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