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  • Luis Tomassoni on the Future of Financial Services

    July 24, 2020
  • Luis Tomassoni, Chief Marketing Officer at Geidea, discusses the future of financial services. The discussion covers customer centricity, evolution of marketing, fintechs and the role of CMO.

    Hosted by Anand Verma, European Head of Digital Services for Infosys and Founder & CEO of Brilliant Basics, Infosys’ Design Studios

    “The glue that connects marketing and product is the customer.”

    - Luis Tomassoni


Show Notes

  • 01:47

    Luis shares his background

  • 05:02

    Luis talks about the evolution of financial services since he has started his career in the industry

  • 07:44

    Anand and Luis talk about fintechs

  • 12:42

    What has remained unchanged andwhat other things have changed because of customer pay share or customer demand or technology evolution?

  • 14:58

    What's Luis’ take on the role of data either in his current kind of experience and organization or the previous ones that he has worked with?

  • 19:16

    As a marketeer, how does Luis look at product and how does he also make sure that there is a close connection with marketing and product?

  • 21:50

    Luis shares his view on what post COVID-19 will bring to financial services and fintechs.

  • 23:17

    Will larger companies cooperate more with the fintechs, the most innovative companies given the acceleration is what's needed?

  • 25:52

    Luis has consistently played the senior management or the board level roles. When he goes with an idea to the board about digital marketing or data or investment in to customer, does he think they are ready to support all the time on those basis? Or are there any infusion or lack of digital literacy at the board level?

  • 29:30

    Luis talks about the role of CMO.

  • 31:32

    Does Luis see that relationship between a CTO and a CMO flourishing going forward, especially in the current role that he is playing, but also in future?

  • 33:15

    What's the most difficult part of Luis’ role as a CMO?

  • 35:31

    Luis gives recommendations to CEOs who want to make their brand and the product and amplification better and bigger.

  • 36:37

    Luis talks about Geidea.

  • 38:33

    Luis shares his favorite book

  • 41:23

    How can people find Luis online?

About Luis Tomassoni

Luis Tomassoni

Luis is a Chief Marketing Officer at Geidea. He is a senior marketing executive with 20 years of cross functional and leadership experience in developing, directing, and implementing end to end B2C/B2B marketing, digital, and growth strategies for both global banks and fintech payment/FX companies.

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