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  • Dr. Tony Gerth on Taking Charge as CIO

    March 02, 2020
  • Dr. Tony Gerth, Clinical Professor at the University of North Texas and author of "Taking the Reins as CIO," discusses the challenges, misconceptions, and opportunities faced by new CIOs and the evolution of the role of CIO.

    Hosted by Jeff Kavanaugh, VP and Head of the Infosys Knowledge Institute.

    “This is the golden age of the CIO. It’s a great time to be a great CIO, and a bad time to be an average one.”

    - Dr. Tony Gerth


Show Notes

  • 00:07

    Dr. Tony Gerth’s upcoming book on tech leadership delves into the challenges faced by newly hired CIOs and what they should do to be successful. Tony interviewed dozens of CIOs from around the world. Whose story seems especially relevant?

  • 01:50

    Dr. Gerth talks about his background in academia and consulting.

  • 03:34

    Tony shares his perspective on what does the role of CIO really mean, and what does it require to be successful?

  • 05:23

    The average tenure of a CIO is 4.3 years. In his book Tony says, this is the golden age. It's never been better to be a great CIO or worse time to be an average ONE. What does he mean by that?

  • 06:05

    The ambiguity of the CIO role, Dr. Gerth talks about paradoxes.

  • 08:15

    Well given that, how many of these new CIO's are ready? And what can people do to be readier?

  • 10:09

    How new leaders fit in?

  • 10:38

    Dr. Tony Gerth paints a scenario for us. What causes a CIO transition, and what's the best scenario that someone can walk into or maybe the best scenario that they can land on their feet?

  • 12:59

    We’ve talked about landing on your feet, getting started well, what about beyond the 90 days?

  • 14:48

    What are some situations and symptoms when it doesn't go so well and the thing gets derailed?

  • 16:17

    Tony talks about that relationship between the CMO and their people and the CIO when they're in the organization.

  • 17:13

    One more example in the C-suite, what about the chief human resources officer? There is “talent famine”, simply just not enough of talent. What is the CIO-CHRO relationship to help with the people part of the business?

  • 18:46

    Dr. Tony Gerth shares his insights that are useful for those trying to take that next step or help others avoid the derailing.

  • 20:25

    What's the distinct or novel perspective Dr. Gerth took as he developed the book?

  • 22:11

    Who or what has been a major influence on Tony?

About Tony Gerth

Tony Gerth

Tony is a clinical professor in the business school at the University of North Texas. Tony's formal training includes a doctoral degree in management, and master's and bachelor's degrees in executive and operations management.

Tony's probably best known for his extensive experience as management consulting, managing partner at firms like Infosys Consulting and Deloitte. For 11 years, Tony taught IT strategy and consulting as a professor at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, and now teaches similar areas at the University of North Texas.