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  • Olu Adegoke on the Mobile Centric Customer Experience

    23 Sep 2019
  • Olu Adegoke, Partner and Head of Infosys Communications Industry Consulting Practice, discusses the impact of mobile technology in developing industries.

    Hosted by Jeff Kavanaugh, VP and Head of the Infosys Knowledge Institute.

    “Because to me strategy is what you're actually executing. Strategy is not what you planned to do, but strategy is actually what you are doing.”

    - Olu Adegoke


Show Notes

  • 00:42

    Olu talks about his professional career and background

  • 02:50

    Olu shares his global perspective – observations about technological impact on society across Nigeria, UK, Europe and US.

  • 06:45

    Olu explains what mobility centric means

  • 09:15

    What about the customer experience element? What does it mean to use mobile to generate a customer experience?

  • 11:15

    Are there any other elements that when business leaders considering mobile centric customer experience strategy they should keep in mind?

  • 12:30

    In his recent article in IT Pro publication Olu mentioned a phrase about winning the digital wars conjures up a lot of things like Star Wars. What are some of the implications of things like 5G on the competitive landscape beyond just being one more buzzword or piece of technology?

  • 16:00

    Olu spoke about telcos, and about whether you call them digital natives or you call them just these very successful platform companies like Amazon and Google. What about the rest of the companies? What can they take away from 5G digital wars and find their place in all this?

  • 20:02

    How do you translate the strategy of a mobile centric customer experience to results, implemented, adopted so people can see value and that those employees can see benefits as well?

  • 25:26

    What are the things that listeners can do to help advance a mobile centric customer experience at their own company and for themselves?

  • 27:56

    As people want to learn more and engage more with Olu and his practice and learn more about his thoughts and perspective, how can they find Olu online?

About Olu Adegoke

Olu Adegoke

Olu is a partner and co-founder of the communications, media and entertainment practice within SOURCE, and currently co-leads its North America offerings. Over the past 20 years, he has advised senior industry executives in the communications, media, entertainment and high-tech industries on new business launch and digital transformations, focusing on launching digital products, digitization of customer interactions and enabling organizational agility. He has worked with clients in the U.S. and Europe, spanning from Fortune 100 and Global 2000 companies to start-ups. Olu has helped his clients to successfully design and launch new businesses, including a mobile payments company, two wireless service providers and two competitive local exchange companies.

    Selected Links from the Episode

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