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  • United Nations' Tiina Neuvonen on the Impact of Disruptive Learning on Our People and the Planet

    October 25, 2019
  • Tiina Neuvonen, Thematic Lead in Education at the United Nations Technology Innovation Lab, discusses how rethinking education can make teaching and learning more effective and accessible in communities all over the world.

    Hosted by Jeff Kavanaugh, VP and Head of the Infosys Knowledge Institute.

    “Besides the personal learning profiles, I think tech has huge potential in kind of fixing the learning journeys when they are disrupted by epidemics like Ebola in Sierra Leone, for instance.”

    - Tiina Neuvonen


Show Notes

  • 00:46

    Tiina talks about her professional career and background

  • 04:57

    Tiina talks about the United Nations Technology Innovation Lab

  • 08:35

    Many view UN as these big rooms were hundreds of people meet. What is Tiina doing to make this real and to make a real impact?

  • 11:54

    Tiina talks about the “leaving no one behind” agenda

  • 14:40

    This is early days for Tiina’s lab. What has she done so far and what are her plans?

  • 15:17

    What has Tiina learned by having developed partnerships across such diversity that maybe others might be able to take away?

  • 17:12

    Tiina gives an example of her technology partners and some kind of educational content that she found to be good so far.

  • 18:40

    Tiina gives an example of a tech partner or someone who's created a game or piece of module that might be able to use?

  • 21:10

    Tiina talks about frameworks and her approach to some of the models. How the UN is going to approach technology innovation for learning and what are some of Tiina’s plans?

  • 24:28

    Tiina explains an idea that people can still learn even while they're not physically in the classroom.

  • 25:28

    How do you get past the pilots and get to scale and can make the that big impact that you dream of?

  • 29:18

    As businesses think about their bottom line and reporting, whether it's IFRS or GAP and these financial regulations, very soon there'll be regulations or requirements to report on the impact on people and on planet for sustainability. What to expect?

  • 30:50

    Tiina gives a few recommendations on how people can apply learning in their own context.

  • 34:17

    Who or what has been a big influence on Tiina’s career and her life?

About Tiina Neuvonen

Tiina Neuvonen

Tiina is a sociologist. She is passionate about observing the drivers of change from a human perspective and applying this knowledge in development and innovation initiatives, service design and branding.

She is currently a thematic lead in education at United Nations Technology Innovation Lab. She has worked for the UN since 2015 and was an innovation specialist at UNESCO. Tiina was also an innovation consultant at Gemic, a human-centric strategy and innovation consultancy bringing together the behavioural understanding of social science, the analytical rigor of strategy consulting, and the solution focus of design.