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  • Indiana Secretary of Commerce Jim Schellinger on Economic Development

    January 06, 2020
  • Indiana Secretary of Commerce Jim Schellinger discusses the increasing value of public-private partnerships in economic development on the state, national and international level.

    Hosted by Jeff Kavanaugh, VP and Head of the Infosys Knowledge Institute.

    “I've learned over the years that a strong leader without a following will fail much quicker than a weak leader with a strong following. So, you have to lead the people. You're not going to do it on your own. You just can't.”

    - Jim Schellinger


Show Notes

  • 00:54

    Before Jim took on this role and went into serve the state, he had a career in architecture. He shares his background.

  • 01:49

    How did Jim develop expertise in the area of economic development?

  • 04:00

    Jim talks about economic development and how two major biggest turning points affected it. First, the internet. And then second, this digital age where it's so disruptive.

  • 07:21

    What is it that sometimes people may get wrong or misunderstand in some of the things that Jim has seen?

  • 12:19

    Jim shares his thoughts on public partnerships, public-private partnerships and then when you put academics into the equation as well with colleges.

  • 16:47

    How can businesses try to make investments or partner with public organizations whenever there is this whole election cycle, how do they balance that? And how has Jim seen to be successful regardless of who's in office?

  • 23:16

    Speaking of education, when Jim looks at the technology partnerships they have, what are some of the most interesting ones that stand out when they work with the tech community?

  • 25:20

    Looking back at his career, what are some of the factors that enabled Jim to be successful as he has been and what are some things that people can take away from that?

  • 27:20

    What are the three things that a business leader listening to this can take away as they try to get the most from their investments, especially in partnerships with the public sector?

About Jim Schellinger

Jim Schellinger

Jim Schellinger is the Secretary of Commerce for the state of Indiana, serving as a member of Governor Eric Holcomb’s cabinet and leading the state’s domestic and international economic development.

Secretary Schellinger previously served as president of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation under Governor Mike Pence, helping lead Indiana business growth and Hoosier job creation efforts as well as key initiatives like the Indiana Regional Cities Initiative and the state’s $1 Billion Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative. Schellinger was appointed to the role in August 2015 after serving two years as a member of the IEDC Board of Directors.