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  • Abbey Road Sessions: Wincie Wong on Female Entrepreneurs

    February 13, 2020
  • Wincie Wong, Head of Innovation for Supply Chain Services, RBS on female entrepreneurs. The discussion covers the Alison Rose Review Report of Female Entrepreneurship ("Rose Review") women in tech and Girls Can Code network.

    Hosted at Abbey Road Studios by Jeff Kavanaugh, Head of the Infosys Knowledge Institute. The podcast is a part of our special series on an important global topic, Achieving Resilience in the Stakeholder Capitalist Era.

    “I get such immense joy of making something. When you are making something, you're offering something of yourself to someone.”

    - Wincie Wong


Show Notes

  • 00:20

    Wincie talks about Alison Rose Review of Female Entrepreneurship

  • 02:05

    In Wincie’s roles at NatWest, what did she do prior to taking on this Rose Review position? She shares her background.

  • 05:26

    Wincie looks at education for 10 to 13-year-old children across the UK, both boys and girls. What is it about that age? Why it holds a potential for the future?

  • 12:00

    Given the context of what needs to be fixed, Wincie talks about her role and her work with the government.

  • 14:05

    Wincie explains five top barriers for female entrepreneurs

  • 15:30

    Wincie talks about three groups of solutions and initiatives they designed to address these barriers.

  • 20:08

    What do people get wrong about female-led businesses? What is the popular misconception?

  • 21:39

    Wincie is a professional cook. Wincie tries to relate what she likes about cooking to what she is “cooking up” on her day job.

  • 23:35

    Who or what's been a major influence on Wincie’s life and how?

  • 26:05

    How can people find Wincie online?

About Wincie Wong

Wincie Wong

Wincie is Nat West Head of Rose Review Implementation. A female entrepreneur at heart, she is immensely proud to be leading the implementation of the Alison Rose Review for Female Entrepreneurship working with the UK Government to realise the £250bn we could add to the economy if we supported women to start and scale businesses at the same rate as men in the UK.

An international speaker on the subjects of FinTech and Banking, Wincie also has a tremendous passion about growing Inclusivity in Tech, having co-founded the Girls Can Code employee-led network in RBS and a founding member of the Tech She Can Charter with over 133 member organisations passionate about changing the ratio of women in tech through enriching education, image overhaul and policy influence.