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  • The Future of Work and Skill Development with Dr. Sheila Jagannathan

    10 Feb 2021
  • Dr. Sheila Jagannathan, Head, Open Learning Campus for World Bank in Washington DC, discusses the World Bank’s initiative to educate, skill and reskill thousands of students all over the world through widely accessible online courses. She addresses how evolving technology is changing the way we all teach and learn.

    Hosted by Jeff Kavanaugh, VP and Head of the Infosys Knowledge Institute.

    “There's more change in learning that's happened in the last 10 years, than it has in 100. And in fact, it's our learners who are leading and pushing innovation as they expand and evolve their approaches to curiosity, discovery, and information.” -

    - Dr. Sheila Jagannathan


Show Notes

  • 00:52

    What was your motivation to digitize [the World Bank's World Development Report] and deliver it as an online package for policymakers and the public?

  • 02:17

    This massive open online course, how did you get good at this? Where'd you get the expertise to even create something like this?

  • 04:56

    What does the World Bank do, and all these countries and people that receive your report, what is in that information that informs them?

  • 05:28

    What are the other emerging technologies that are being used for digital learning?

  • 08:55

    Many of our listeners are business leaders, or they lead organizations. What are the three things they can take away from your vast experience and what you're trying to accomplish for their own environment?

  • 10:40

    What is your vision for the future of work, post the COVID-19 pandemic? And if a large percentage of organizations do work remotely, what's the impact on their learning and collaboration?

  • 14:09

    Your book is titled Technologies for Sustainable Development: How Upskilling, Data Analysis, and Digital Innovations Foster Lifelong Learning. Evidently it comes out in June of this year. And can you share a bit about the book's message on the importance of skilling?

  • 16:02

    Dr. Sheila shares her contact details.

About Dr. Sheila Jagannathan

Dr. Sheila Jagannathan

Sheila Jagannathan is the Head of the Open Learning Campus at the World Bank in Washington DC. She serves as the organization’s focal point on digital learning and issues at the intersection of technology use and education in emerging countries. She is an internationally recognized thought leader, advisor, author and a forward-thinking senior education leader with over 35 years of experience in leading capacity building, knowledge management, data, social learning and transformation change across public and private organizations. She has been responsible for designing and implementing world-class solutions in challenging global environments, resulting in performance and productivity improvements.

Sheila also provides policy advice and technical assistance to World Bank country-level capacity building programs (both government and training centers of excellence seeking to introduce technologies in their educational systems) in, East Asia, China, the Middle East and North Africa, Africa and South Asia. Her current areas of interest and activity include: skilling and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, 60-year curricula, corporate talent management, diversity & inclusion, organizational development, MOOCs, experiential pedagogy, online/hybrid strategies, multimodal and social learning environments, immersive learning (AR/VR), use of artificial education in education, big data analytics, LXPs, LMS, and learning ecosystems.

She has written articles for various peer-reviewed publications and journals. She is on the advisory board and planning committees of major professional associations of learning such as the Canadian Foreign Service Institute, Global Distance Learning Network, Indian National Skills Development Council, George Mason University, E-learning Africa, (Annual International Conference for developing E-learning capacities in Africa), International Conference on e-learning (ICEL), and Skills Development Councils.