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  • Dr. Niharika Garud on the Future of Work

    February 04, 2020
  • Dr. Niharika Garud, Assistant Professor in Management at the University of Melbourne explains how technology is reshaping work practices across various industries and discusses ways employers and employees can prepare for the future.

    Hosted by Jeff Kavanaugh, VP and Head of the Infosys Knowledge Institute.

    “Look forward to future in terms of technology being a tool, but not necessarily being the key solution to everything.”

    - Dr. Niharika Garud


Show Notes

  • 00:18

    Dr. Niharika Garud shares an example of how the future of work will transform our lives

  • 01:56

    Dr. Garud shares her story of how she got where she is. How she got involved with the University of Melbourne.

  • 03:05

    How does that art inclusive factor play into Niharika’s work for organizational behavior?

  • 03:57

    How will technology impact the future of work, especially the tech industry?

  • 04:45

    Does Dr. Garud see any emerging technologies or software that will be significant in the next three or four years?

  • 05:09

    Moving from tech to the people, what are the most important leadership and soft skills required for professionals going forward?

  • 06:18

    What should organizations and leaders do to support their employees?

  • 07:37

    How can employees motivate and prepare themselves to adopt this lifelong learning?

  • 09:26

    So what does Dr.Garud’s research tell about retention and trust and that social contract between employers and employees?

  • 11:36

    What KPIs are needed to measure the quality of work at an organizational individual level in the future?

  • 16:51

    What will be the role of frontline managers when all this automation hits in the workplace in the future?

  • 18:52

    What's one thing that most companies get wrong when they think about the future of work?

  • 20:43

    Dr. Garud’s message to technology professionals or any professional out there that's listening to help them prepare for the future.

  • 21:29

    What's been a major influence on Niharika and her career?

  • 22:04

    How can people find Niharika online?

About Dr. Niharika Garud

Niharika is a faculty member in the department of management and marketing at the Faculty of Business and Economics, at the University of Melbourne. Niharika's formal training includes a PhD in management, master's and bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, along with doctoral research fellowship at Harvard University and Business School. Niharika is probably best known for her extensive experience in research and consulting and tech innovation, operations management and organizational behavior. More recently Niharika has advised a number of Fortune 500 firms to improve their innovation processes and increase management productivity. One of her current research projects is the future of work across industries in collaboration with the Infosys Knowledge Institute.