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  • Skyler Mattson on Understanding Human Experience

    November 05, 2020
  • WONGDOODY President Skyler Mattson discusses their ground breaking methods of capturing the Human Experience, providing deep insight for innovative product design, specialized client service and effective branding.

    Hosted by Jeff Kavanaugh, VP and Head of the Infosys Knowledge Institute.

    “I think that creative democracy, the idea that a good idea can come from anyone, which extends to members of our creative department, to our receptionist, to our clients. It is one of the best things about working at WONGDOODY and it will always be a central part of our culture.”

    - Skyler Mattson


Show Notes

  • 00:36

    As a global thought leader on human experience, Skyler Mattson understands the dynamics of this equation. Skylar, can you define what you mean by “HX,” human experience?

  • 02:33

    How did COVID-19 change the language of marketing? And do you think this change is permanent?

  • 04:27

    How has social justice as well as COVID-19, changed the C-Suite dynamic, and how senior executives work with each other?

  • 05:23

    Do you think there's a gap between the consumer rhetoric or expectations and the reality of what's possible and what will actually play out, and how does a brand leader, a marketing leader, reconcile these gaps?

  • 06:37

    Our research shows the pandemic as a pivot to accelerated migration, to remote digital selling, how can companies keep up with the speed of this migration and how can I get it right?

  • 07:38

    Jeff and Skyler discuss the origin of the name WONGDOODY

  • 08:10

    What are the changes you've seen during your time at WONGDOODY and your employees, what gets them excited and also how you make an impact with your customers?

  • 09:22

    For all those people who have these creative instincts out there that are part of some larger firm, what advice do you give them on how to stay just a little bit crazy and independent while still operating the rows and columns of a large organization?

  • 10:22

    You said before that WONGDOODY has always believed in a “creative democracy.” What does that mean? And what does it look like now?

  • 11:18

    Let's go back to the headline here, human experience. If we say it's a combination of customer experience, user experience and employee experience, how do you harness all these together and actually elevate the brand and drive revenue and loyalty?

  • 12:42

    In your view, how is how can a business leader make long term decisions, long term impact in a short term, highly uncertain environment.

  • 13:34

    If you're talking with a young person today, that's just beginning their career, maybe even in college, what advice or perspective might you give them as they look to their own career?

  • 14:37

    If you have to go back in time, let's say January 1st of this year, anything you'd have done differently so far in 2020?

  • 15:45

    What is The Sounding Board and how is it making a deep impact for your clients?

  • 17:53

    You mentioned mothers, we've all worked from home in recent months. Looking ahead, how does this shift in work patterns impact the working mom and business overall?

  • 19:03

    You also play a role as a trustee for the Infosys Foundation USA… can you comment on that for a moment and on experiences there?

  • 20:47

    Every time I speak with you, you are not only upbeat, but also have a lot of energy. And so people might be wondering, how do you achieve a healthy work life balance and keep this going?

  • 22:26

    Skyler recommends online resources and shares her contact information

About Skyler Mattson

Skyler Mattson

Skyler has overseen the growth of WONGDOODY over the past 17 years. She has built her career leading award-winning work and several female empowerment initiatives. Including #TheReal10 which aims to close the gender pay gap and #IPumpedHere, which encourages workplaces to provide better facilities for breast-pumping employees. She is Founder of The Motherboard, a platform that provides global input to help brands drive digital transformation.