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  • Roberto Busin on Embedding Startup Culture in Industrial Manufacturing

    29 Sep 2019
  • Roberto Busin, Partner and European Manufacturing Lead with Infosys Consulting, talks about bringing startup energy and practices to established industries.

    Hosted by Jeff Kavanaugh, VP and Head of the Infosys Knowledge Institute.

    “Think about scalability, and never forget about your commercial model kind of idea, why you're doing this.”

    - Roberto Busin


Show Notes

  • 00:45

    Roberto talks about his professional career and background

  • 01:25

    How did Roberto translate this formal engineering background in material science into what people think is just a bunch of analysis, and PowerPoints and business consulting?

  • 02:24

    Roberto has done a lot of work all over the world. What has he seen that is different in between Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and the Americas?

  • 03:30

    When he looks at industrial manufacturing, especially today, what are the biggest challenges that his clients are seeing?

  • 04:52

    Roberto and Jeff have known each other for several years and the first time they started to work together when Roberto was working with a French major manufacturer on PLM, product life cycle management, in heavy industry. Roberto shares some of the work that he did there and then some of the insights?

  • 06:34

    Roberto often made a comment to Jeff that there's a moment of truth in every project, especially when it gets outside the established routine. Roberto shares some memories from the project.

  • 08:01

    What is it Roberto tries to do and tell the folks across consulting practice to make sure that they show value, and they make a real impact for clients?

  • 09:50

    Roberto explains that as an external advisor, you've got to have that startup culture as well, as you advise companies to make sure you're fresh and on the edge.

  • 11:15

    Putting a hat on as a corporate leader. So you're a leader, could be in IT, could be supply chain, or manufacturing, a plant manager, and you're facing these challenges you mentioned before. What is it that a corporate leader can do to embed this, to embrace, and then to embed this startup culture?

  • 12:37

    When Roberto has one-on-one discussions with corporate leaders, especially early, just trying to think through these things, what advice does Roberto give?

  • 14:20

    Technology has pervaded almost every aspect of our lives including business. Why does Roberto mention culture and the people side more so than the technical side, and what does he think that balance is?

  • 15:42

    Roberto gives an example of a project where he helped an industrial manufacturer go from a very traditional way of thinking and actually embed the startup culture. Because it sounds great in theory, everybody wants to do that, but how do you actually do that if you're a 50 or a 100 year old company?

  • 17:56

    What are some challenges that Roberto finds working with European based manufacturer? Across our country lines, languages, what are some of the challenges that Roberto sees trying to help them or for them trying to get better?

  • 19:54

    What does Roberto’s practice do to try to bring these people on?

  • 22:02

    Now what about Roberto’s clients? Because they have these nasty two words called at scale. They have to hire more people, obviously as multinationals and bigger companies, how do they do this?

  • 23:55

    How can the next generation discover manufacturing as a cool thing, how can we make sure we really make the most of that, and people rediscover manufacturing as a profession?

  • 26:00

    What are the three things that Roberto recommends - that companies can do to embed more of a startup culture in industrial manufacturing, or any company for that matter?

  • 27:05

    Any corporate leader with that absolute focus on value can be that good starting point. What are some recommendations that company leaders can take to embed this startup culture in their own company?

  • 28:35

    Roberto’s biggest influences and why?

  • 30:05

    How can people find Roberto online?

About Roberto Busin

Roberto Busin

Roberto leads the organization’s Europe manufacturing segment and manages its Swiss operations. He is an expert on transforming companies in the areas of supply chain, operations and digital, and has extensive experience setting up global delivery centers with multi-national teams around the world. Roberto works with business leaders from some of the biggest brands in Europe and is bringing new ways of approaching artificial intelligence enablers to organizations.