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  • Prasad Joshi on the Journey of Innovation

    December 30, 2019
  • Prasad Joshi, Senior Vice President- Emerging Technology Solutions at Infosys, traces the journey of innovation and the development of “toys” that shape the future.

    Hosted by Jeff Kavanaugh, VP and Head of the Infosys Knowledge Institute.

    “We need to get to that crowdsourcing capabilities curated well so that the crown jewels that come out of it are the scale ideas. They need to be properly harvested. That's where there is a role for the central team, but otherwise it's everybody's business.”

    - Prasad Joshi


Show Notes

  • 00:27

    Prasad talks about his professional career and background

  • 02:51

    What has Prasad seen with Infosys over 14 years? What’s been the thing that’s really stood out?

  • 04:31

    Infosys had a name for being a services company. What's it like trying to incubate or grow an emerging technologies unit within what is traditionally been a services company?

  • 06:51

    Prasad talks about one of the key trends – virtual reality.

  • 09:26

    What are some of the challenges that Prasad have had to face? When trying to set up a technology group or at least thinking about that in your own business or whatever size it is, what's it like trying to get the funds and get this going and nurture it?

  • 11:42

    About crossing the chasm and trying to bring technologies to market. What's that like managing that part of the cycle and actually thinking about things like a product and not just a service?

  • 13:39

    Prasad has had the unique perspective of looking across geographies, India and different parts of Asia, North America and Europe. Does he see anything emerge especially relative to Silicon Valley versus other innovation areas and maybe contrast those?

  • 16:40

    What's his take on Europe?

  • 18:03

    Prasad mentioned a village of innovation, the global village. What does that really mean? Is it possible for all these remote places that are working more or less face to face to somehow be distributed for these larger companies? Is there a way to get a handle on that?

  • 19:34

    All these wonderful things that are happening with technology and innovation in this village, that maybe there is a bifurcation. These two levels, the people that either are benefiting from it, have access to it. And the ones that either don't know, don't have the access or somehow the code is being left behind. Prasad comments on what he sees out there and can we do something to mitigate that?

  • 21:42

    How does Prasad see these emerging technologies and managing them for the good of all playing out with sustainability, with education, with equality in poverty and hunger, and all these very noble goals that the UN SDGs are trying to do?

  • 23:52

    Given that Prasad is focusing on emerging technologies, what are the emerging technologies did he find most interesting and he thinks will make the biggest impact the next several years?

  • 25:01

    What's Prasad’s approach or framework to evaluate some of the new things that are coming to get in his funnel?

  • 28:46

    What are the two or three pieces of advice Prasad can give to someone out there who's trying to build an organization like this? What to do, what not to do? Pitfalls?

  • 30:04

    How does Prasad retain this passion over time?

  • 30:25

    Who or what has been a big influence on Prasad’s career?

About Prasad Joshi

Prasad Joshi

A technology savvy executive with more than 20 years in the information technology industry and a proven track record of driving growth, establishing strong client relationships and profitable engagement management. Prasad has created state of the art products and service lines and has demonstrated their commercial success. He offers a wide range of experience in managing innovation program, alliance led growth, large outsourcing relationships, providing solutions consulting, P&L management and international multicultural teams.