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  • Abbey Road Sessions: Dianne Dain on Purposeful Partnerships

    28 Jan 2020
  • Dianne Dain, Global Partnerships at UN Technology Innovation Labs, discusses purposeful partnerships and how technology solutions can touch on multiple SDGs and help achieving them. The discussion covers climate change, education, equal opportunities and the role of women entrepreneurs.

    Hosted at Abbey Road Studios by Jeff Kavanaugh, Head of the Infosys Knowledge Institute. The podcast is a part of our special series on an important global topic, Achieving Resilience in the Stakeholder Capitalist Era.

    “Women have the resources, so when we become aware of the way the rest of the world lives, let's do our best. Let’s take our resources, let's take what we naturally do as women, which is take care of communities, families, lifting others up, and let's use these resources for the rest of the world.”

    - Dianne Dain


Show Notes

  • 00:08

    How can young innovators help in achieving resilience for the planet?

  • 01:58

    Dianne talks about her background and how she got involved in the United Nations.

  • 05:11

    Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), what are they?

  • 06:10

    Jeff and Dianne talk about Finland

  • 06:54

    Dianne talks about SDG5 – Empowering Women and Girls and SDG17-Sustainable development through global partnerships

  • 09:16

    Dianne talks on importance of education, women entrepreneurs and a competition called Reboot the Earth

  • 11:42

    What's the UN doing to reach more of these half entrepreneurs, half family leader folks that may not have had the education needed?

  • 17:20

    Dianne talks about the challenges. How is the UN thinking about following psychological tendencies and still getting things done?

  • 19:28

    What are some things that people can do in the journey of the SDGs and things that Dianne cares about? Dianne mentions the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact.

  • 20:37

    Dianne talks about her work in Scotland.

  • 21:54

    What's been a major influence on Dianne? She shares her personal story.

About Dianne Dain

Dianne Dain

Dianne is an Innovation and Leadership Specialist building the UN Technology Innovation Lab ecosystem for the United Nations Office of Information and Communication Technologies.

The first UNTIL Lab was established in Finland in 2018 followed by Egypt, Malaysia, and India in 2019.

She is the founding woman of the global leadership team that built the UNTIL network. Currently Dianne is kicking off the Reboot Accelerator Programme team to design, engage and activate youth solution builders.