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  • Kerry Taylor on Supply Chain Resilience: Pandemic Preparation and Recovery

    March 20, 2020
  • Kerry Taylor oversees C-suite insights and global partnerships with corporations, NGOs and academia at the Infosys Knowledge Institute’s London office. The episode addresses how supply chain visibility and traceability can lead to resilience in the event of an international crisis with specific references to the 2014 Ebola Pandemic.

    Hosted by Jeff Kavanaugh, VP and Head of the Infosys Knowledge Institute.

    "To succeed, you have to deliver on three things. You need to give very clear guidance, you need to resource it appropriately, and you need to always go to win."

    - Kerry Taylor


Show Notes

  • 00:39

    From Kerry’s work responding to pandemics and other disruptions, what is the single most important factor in supply chain resilience?

  • 01:50

    What did Kerry learn from the Ebola pandemic experience back in 2014?

  • 05:21

    Kerry highlights one of the mistakes that someone recognized and how it was changed to improve the resilience of supply chain overall.

  • 08:10

    Why is supply chain resilience important overall? And then in today's global context, what does resilience mean?

  • 11:42

    What are the main challenges to build a resilient supply chain? How do people take steps? What has Kerry done in the past, and what does he see companies needing to do now?

  • 14:03

    What role can technology play in this to make this flexibility easier than it was before?

  • 16:51

    Kerry talks about what early in his career that he learned that helped him deal with this resiliency. What are the skills needed for an executive listening to this or anyone listening to this to become more resilient whenever the moment of truth happens in the future?

  • 18:26

    If we can go to its cousin, or its close relative, stakeholder capitalism, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, is this too ambitious? What's Kerry’s perspective on this?

  • 24:14

    What are the three things a company or, an executive listening here can do to improve supply chain resilience in their own operations?

  • 25:50

    Kerry shares who or what has been a major influence on his career or his life?

About Kerry Taylor

Kerry Taylor

Kerry is responsible for C-suite insights and global partnerships at the Infosys Knowledge Institute. He has a background in mining, technology, security and analysis. He has experience in leading and scaling blockchain and digital start-ups, including an open blockchain protocol for responsible supply chains and an AI tool for utilities field workers. Kerry has been COO at Minespider and Mitmark, plus director of operations for a key Qatar Foundation company. Prior to this, Kerry was General Manager responsible for scaling operations at a billion-dollar, AIM-listed mining company, plus Director of Consulting at Datamonitor.