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  • Lara Salamano on Recruiting and Supporting Talent in Modern Design

    January 13, 2020
  • Modern design drives experience that is essential to creating differentiated products and services. But how can companies attract and retain a workforce with expertise in this hard to find discipline? Lara Salamano, Design & Innovation Hub Lead and Senior Digital Strategist at Infosys, explains.

    Hosted by Jeff Kavanaugh, VP and Head of the Infosys Knowledge Institute.

    “Whatever we're developing, it all has to start with that human interaction and with the experience that that person, that human, is going to have with our product, with our design, with our experience.”

    - Lara Salamano


Show Notes

  • 00:50

    What is it about design that excites Lara?

  • 01:16

    How'd she come to gain expertise in this area?

  • 01:59

    Lara talks about Hanna-Barbera Cartoons and her experience working with Mr. Hanna and Mr. Barbera.

  • 03:10

    Lara talks about the creative process that the writers, the animators went through to make these things that have become iconic 20-30 years ago.

  • 03:31

    Is there anything about that period developing stories that she either thinks about today or she thinks that people could take a lesson from?

  • 04:08

    What were some of the things that kept Lara up at night when she was a marketing lead?

  • 05:07

    Keeping the chief marketing officer hat on for a moment, from the time when Lara was in that position until now, how has technology changed or evolved or how has that changed the role of the marketing leader?

  • 05:51

    Moving to industrial products. What about these companies that are trying to see beyond their former customer all the way to the consumer?

  • 07:36

    Stepping aside from the marketing perspective, what about design? When Lara thinks about design, what are the fundamentals of design and how does she bring it to life?

  • 08:21

    What's novel about Lara’s approach? Talking about hiring good talent.

  • 09:29

    How is Lara developing a very difficult set of expertise with very junior people?

  • 09:59

    What are the biggest challenges that Lara faced and how has she overcome them?

  • 12:38

    Someone new coming out of school and maybe not fortunate enough to have to get a degree at Rhode Island School of Design, what can they do to get better at this magical thing called design?

  • 13:52

    Lara talks about design thinking.

  • 15:53

    Jeff and Lara talk about the relationship between the chief marketing officer and the chief information officer at companies.

  • 18:12

    What are some elements that are essential in today's world to be effective at partnerships?

  • 21:24

    What are three things that executives and senior leaders can do to have more of a design-oriented approach and perhaps more effectiveness in their own organization?

  • 22:09

    Who or what has been a major influence on Lara’s career?

About Lara Salamano

Lara Salamano

Lara is Design & Innovation Hub Lead and Senior Digital Strategist at Infosys. She has a proven track record of developing and implementing innovative brand marketing strategies across multiple networks, platforms and demographics that result in long term brand equity and revenue growth. Lara has a broad expertise in consumer, pro-social and new product marketing yielding measurable results and ROI for networks and strategic partners.