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  • How to Integrate Sustainability into Procurement Practices and Impact Sourcing with Everest Group's Rita N. Soni

    May 15, 2024


  • Rita Soni emphasizes the importance of integrating sustainability into procurement practices, highlighting impact sourcing to address social inequities. By prioritizing hiring from marginalized communities or supporting initiatives like second chance hiring, businesses can not only create positive societal impact but also gain tangible benefits such as lower absenteeism and higher retention rates.
  • As businesses seek to expand into new markets, particularly in emerging economies, Rita Soni underscores the significance of patience and understanding local dynamics. Partnering with local providers, leveraging recruitment firms, and investing in training initiatives are essential steps to navigate the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities presented by diverse markets, ensuring sustainable growth and success.

About Jeff Kavanaugh

Jeff Kavanaugh

Jeff Kavanaugh is Head of the Infosys Knowledge Institute, the research and thought leadership arm of Infosys, and adjunct professor at the University of Texas at Dallas. He shares insights on digital transformation and sustainability, and how enterprises and professionals at all levels can grow and prosper, even through disruptive times.

Jeff has coauthored numerous publications covering sustainability, digital transformation, Industry 4.0, and product lifecycle management. His current research interests include sustainability, adaptive operating models, skills development, and the intersection of business, policy, and citizens in the digital age. He is the co-author of Practical Sustainability: Circular Commerce, Smarter Spaces, and Happier Humans, the #1 best-selling book on how we can solve half of the wicked sustainability challenge in five years, using today’s tech. Jeff also co-authored The Live Enterprise: Create a Continuously Learning and Evolving Organization (McGraw-Hill, 2021), a blueprint for the modern enterprise operating model. He is also the author of the best-selling book Consulting Essentials: The Art & Science of People, Facts, and Frameworks, which provides critical thinking and executive communications skills to students and those in the workforce seeking to upskill and fulfill their potential. His research and perspectives have been published in leading international media, including Harvard Business Review and Forbes.


About Rita Soni

Rita Soni

Rita N. Soni is Everest Group’s Principal Analyst for Impact Sourcing and Sustainability. Her focus delivers a triple bottom-line lens of people, planet, and profits to global services market research, beginning with an in-depth examination into impact sourcing.

Before joining Everest Group, she was CEO of NASSCOM Foundation when the term impact sourcing was coined and continued to evolve the field as an advisor to B2R Technologies. Rita also held the role of Country Head of Responsible Banking at YES Bank, where she led an award-winning business approach to CSR and Sustainability. She grasped these economic development issues on the ground in earlier positions at the Ford Foundation and American India Foundation after beginning her professional journey with General Electric and NBC. Her initial start as an engineer instilled in her a strong passion for the catalytic role of technology to solve social and environmental challenges within the private sector.

Rita serves on the Board of Sapna NYC and is an active mentor at the New York Academy of Sciences. She holds a Master of International Affairs from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology.