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pladis – A BI to AI journey

Iki video

Global Analytics Director Haja Deen takes us through the digital transformation at pladis. We learn how pladis is using data analytics, leveraging data to bring various teams together and measuring success in multiple hops.

Iki video

Pladis Global Analytics Director Haja Deen talks about his book, ‘Build the Right Thing: How to build high-growth agile digital businesses customers love’. The book provides a digital blueprint for a remarkable journey, an aligned team and a successful tech outcome.

Iki video

Data analytics is a key differentiator for pladis Global. Global Analytics Director Haja Deen talks about the journey for pladis and the business functions that benefit from data analytics. This discussion also touches on hyperinflation trends, the Infosys Data+AI Radar Report, Infosys TradeEdge, trusting the data, redefining the operating model, driving change and future skills.

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