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NASA and Ethical AI: A conversation with Caroline Coward

NASA and Ethical AI: A conversation with Caroline Coward

‘Librarians have the capacity to change the world and not just through books. There’s almost nothing that librarians can’t do in the realm of information or data or knowledge’. In this video, Bonnie Holub, Infosys AI Evangelist, Bonnie Holub, Ph.D. talks with Caroline Coward, Information Science Manager and Library Group Supervisor at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory about infusing an ethical foundation in AI algorithm development. They discuss how AI systems have a crucial role to play in shaping the future and it is imperative that they are designed with the utmost care to ensure that they are as unbiased and inclusive as possible. In recent years, the concept of ethical AI has gained significant traction, however, the definition of ethical AI has been broadened to encompass the idea of responsible AI. While responsible AI considers the larger environment in which the AI systems are developed, ethical AI focuses on the tools, algorithms and codes used to develop AI systems.

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