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Infosys Knowledge Institute December Video Newsletter

In this edition of the Knowledge Institute video newsletter:

  • Infosys ESG Radar 2023 is making headlines around the world. The survey of 2,500 executives and ESG experts found ESG is a moneymaker.
  • Can supply chains be lean, mean and green? The Knowledge Institute’s Samad Masood moderated an expert discussion on the sweet spot of supply chain excellence and the unforeseen changes.
  • Wolfspeed’s Vice-President of IT Manufacturing Operations talks about how cloud migration enables the company to get more value from its data.
  • Infosys Data+AI Radar Report is sparking conversations about how businesses are truly using AI.
  • The Knowledge Institute’s Global Head Jeff Kavanaugh sat down to talk with Dr. Mariana Bozesan about sustainability and the future of the planet.

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