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Insights from Paul Oberle

Digital Twins

Jeff Kavanaugh and Paul Oberle discuss the significance of digital twins in manufacturing, emphasizing their role as a single source of truth that enables traceability, contextualized instructions, and intelligent insights.

Generative AI

In this video, the discussion covers the current significance and potential future growth of generative AI in the context of digital twins, highlighting the need for thorough curation of source data to avoid misleading solutions.


This discussion focuses on the challenges in worker roles and leveraging technology to address training issues and facilitate collaboration in the digital twin era.


A discussion focused on the role of cloud computing in regulated industries, highlighting the balance between protecting intellectual property on-premises and leveraging the cloud for analysis.


In this video, the discussion covers the concept of servitization in heavily regulated industries like aerospace, highlighting the evolution of digital twins toward a living and evolving model that incorporates real-world data, sensors, and systems.


This discussion emphasizes the importance of partnerships, discussing how collaboration between product and technology companies, like Infosys, creates valuable business solutions.

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