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Infosys Knowledge Institute March Video Newsletter

In this edition of the Knowledge Institute Video Newsletter:

  • The 5th edition of the Infosys Digital Radar report identifies three capabilities that characterize high performing companies. They build a foundation of live data, organize around products, not processes and create a culture of responsible risk taking.
  • Hitachi Energy’s Global Head of Service Integration talks about the company’s out of the box implementation of ServiceNow’s ITSM module.
  • What’s the future of the metaverse? Meta’s Nik Kraft leads a panel discussion on the topic with E.ON, WHU and Infosys.
  • What’s Next, a new collaboration between the Knowledge Institute, Infosys InStep and the Wharton school, focuses on the metaverse and which industries are moving fastest to adopt Metaverse technologies and why.
  • In this month’s Knowledge Institute podcast, the CEO of Samsara talks about the company’s implantable miniature telescope that’s improving vision and quality of life for people with retinal disorders.

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