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Infosys Knowledge Institute Video Newsletter

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In this edition of the Knowledge Institute video newsletter:

  • In this month’s Ahead in the Cloud podcast, we look at lifelong learning in the age of AI. Open University computer science Professor John Domingue talks about how the evolution of AI is changing education.
  • Mulesoft’s Donnie Hall explains the impact automation is having on business.
  • Listen in on a panel discussion about how leaders can get the full value out of their green buildings.
  • The number of women partners in the private equity and venture capital industry is still low. Changing that is the focus of a LinkedIn live panel discussion moderated by the head of the Infosys private equity practice.
Iki video

In this edition of the Knowledge Institute Video Newsletter:

  • The 5th edition of the Infosys Digital Radar report identifies three capabilities that characterize high performing companies. They build a foundation of live data, organize around products, not processes and create a culture of responsible risk taking.
  • Hitachi Energy’s Global Head of Service Integration talks about the company’s out of the box implementation of ServiceNow’s ITSM module.
  • What’s the future of the metaverse? Meta’s Nik Kraft leads a panel discussion on the topic with E.ON, WHU and Infosys.
  • What’s Next, a new collaboration between the Knowledge Institute, Infosys InStep and the Wharton school, focuses on the metaverse and which industries are moving fastest to adopt Metaverse technologies and why.
  • In this month’s Knowledge Institute podcast, the CEO of Samsara talks about the company’s implantable miniature telescope that’s improving vision and quality of life for people with retinal disorders.
Iki video

In this edition of the Knowledge Institute video newsletter:

  • The Knowledge Institute’s recently published report ‘The Future of Work’ reveals work is evolving and defining a new business success
  • NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory librarian Caroline Coward is leading a key conversation on Ethical AI
  • Emre Kazim, co-founder of Holistic AI talks to the Knowledge Institute’s Chad Watt about getting ethics, trust, and transparency right in the early days of the algorithmic age
  • CBI innovation program director Naomi Weir is featured on another Ahead in the Cloud podcast. She explains how she’s guiding British business toward innovation
Iki video

In this edition of the Knowledge Institute video newsletter:

  • Infosys Knowledge Institute research is featured at Davos 2023.
  • Experts from AT&T, ServiceNow and Infosys discuss the latest trends in the telecom industry, including movement to cloud and edge computing.
  • Computing company Nvidia’s head of Enterprise Business talks about what combinations help build a cloud-based AI Platform for power users and digital novices.
  • The Knowledge Institute’s article ‘Back to the Future for Consumers in 2023’ set the context for discussions at NRF about consumer goods, retail and logistics companies thriving in an unstable economic environment by combining the old and new.

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