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Watch the highlights of the Infosys Knowledge Institute’s latest work in our March 2024 newsletter.

  • This month, we watch the free flow of AI insights from the Infosys Topaz Being AI-first Conversations event at the Richardson hub. The event kicked off with a panel discussion led by Prasad Joshi on 'Scaling Generative AI', followed by a session on 'Operationalizing Generative AI for Enterprise'. Miku Jha from Google Cloud shared her insights on 'Scaling Innovation'. Anand Adya then moderated a panel discussion on AI and Cloud, exploring how they are 'Packing the Punch' together. Infosys General Counsel Inderpreet Sawhney led a panel focusing on 'Ensuring an Ethical AI Future'. Finally, Sunil Senan discussed 'AI-first Business Transformation'.
  • In this month’s AI Interrogator podcasts, Professor Clare McGlynn and host Kate Bevan discuss the challenges and missed opportunities to make AI more responsible. Additionally, legal expert Professor Lorna Woods explores the legal landscape surrounding AI development and deployment.
  • For more thought leadership insights, be sure to visit
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In this month’s newsletter:

  • We introduce volume one of the Infosys Bank Tech Index. The report looks at how banks prioritize tech budgets and more.
  • Dassault Systemes’ Paul Oberle shares insights on cloud, generative AI, servitization, partnership, talent, and digital twins.
  • On this month’s AI Interrogator podcast, BBC Technology Editor Zoe Kleinman talks about the challenge of distinguishing genuine AI innovations from opportunistic ventures. We also hear from ‘accidental data scientist’ Lauren Bevan who talks about AI, data, and the future of healthcare.
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In this month’s newsletter:

  • We highlight the findings from our just released generative AI Radar APAC report.
  • Global head of Data, Analytics and AI Sunil Senan shares insights from the North American edition of our Generative AI Radar Report with B2B techfluencer Evan Kirstel.
  • We hear from recent guests on the AI Interrogator podcast: Timandra Harkness, host of the BBC’s Radio 4 series FutureProofing, and Columbia Journalism professor Emily Bell.
  • We’re also working with Infosys Foundation USA on a new series called CS Changemakers which focuses on in-depth interviews with technologists, educators, funders and practitioners.
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In this month’s newsletter:

  • We highlight the new Generative AI Radar Europe report. Our research found Europe is expected to double its investment in generative AI projects.
  • This month’s episodes of the AI Interrogator podcast focus on German firms leading in generative AI spending, how companies are deploying AI, AI regulations in Europe, and emerging technologies in the field of AI.
  • Marvell’s CIO explains why cloud is a place for generative AI.
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In this month’s video newsletter:

  • We introduce our new AI Interrogator podcast. The first two episodes focus on evolution and responsible governance in AI with Rajeshwari Ganesan and the peril and promise of AI cybersecurity with Amber Boyle.
  • In our latest Ahead in the Cloud podcast, the chief technology officer of Vystar Credit Union explains how his team keeps an eye on cloud costs.
  • We highlight a potential hydrogen revolution and learn more about green hydrogen’s current and future role in sustainability.
  • Plus, a look at the innovative ways various industries are using 3D printing to enable materials innovation and new product design.
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In this month’s video newsletter:

  • This October the Infosys Knowledge Institute released Generative AI Radar 2023 North America. Our research found generative AI is not held back by traditional barriers.
  • The head of supply chain for Panasonic Energy North America explains the company’s focus on platform-based supply chains.
  • Spark New Zealand’s Dominion Chapter Lead talks about testing and how it makes the customer experience amazing.
  • Our just released TechCompass report focuses on Cybersecurity: The guardian of digital transformation.
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This month the Infosys Knowledge Institute update focuses on:

  • Our just released Cloud Radar 2023 report. Our research found that growth and transformation is three times more important than using cloud to cut costs.
  • The Infosys Knowledge Institute participated in the Infosys Confluence executive conference near San Diego.
  • MS Amlin CISO Andy Hodgson talks about the treacherous world of corporate cloud security.
  • Infosys Consulting CEO and Managing Partner Andrew Duncan describes the impact of AI on the insurance industry.
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In this month’s video newsletter:

  • Our just released Tech Navigator report focuses on artificial intelligence and building the AI first organization.
  • Applying AI to online learning is the latest trend in education. edX founder and MIT professor Anant Agarwal explains how rapid advances in AI could lead to game changing learning tools.
  • Inflation can make it tough for CPG companies to set the right price for products. AI powered data driven models can help companies predict outcomes based on changes to their pricing and product selection.
  • Navigating cloud security is a major concern for most companies. In our latest Ahead in the Cloud podcast, learn about the prevalence of blind spots for companies.
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In the edition of the Infosys Knowledge Institute video newsletter learn about:

  • Our latest major report, Digital Commerce Radar 2023, which focuses on how digital commerce helps improve financial, strategic customer, and operational metrics.
  • In this month’s Ahead in the Cloud podcast, Infosys Chief Technology Officer Rafee Tarafdar, explains how open source software is still relevant in a world where everyone’s focused on AI.
  • Dr. Ravi Kumar shares his thoughts about the ongoing driverless car transformation in the automotive industry.
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Highlights from the Infosys Knowledge Institute in June:

  • We go underground at Norway’s Lefdal Mine Center, one of the greenest and most secure data centers on the planet.
  • What’s next in manufacturing and supply chain? In this month’s collaboration, experts from Infosys and the Wharton School discuss how companies can leverage the metaverse.
  • Inflation has shoppers changing their spending habits, resulting in lower product demand and weak growth in the retail and CPG industry. In this quarter’s Consumer Spotlight series, experts give insights into the latest cost cutting measures and how to achieve profit growth.
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Highlights from the Infosys Knowledge Institute in May:

  • What’s next in generative AI and how is it revolutionizing creativity? That’s the focus of the latest interview in our collaboration with the Wharton School.
  • As part of the Navigators of Change series, pladis Global’s Data and Analytics Director talks about leveraging data to bring various teams together.
  • This month we also learned lessons in growing revenue, not costs from Kraft Heinz.
  • In our latest Ahead in the Cloud podcast, nbn Australia’s Chief Security Officer explains what he recommends people in a similar role do differently.
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In this edition of the Knowledge Institute video newsletter:

  • In this month’s Ahead in the Cloud podcast, we look at lifelong learning in the age of AI. Open University computer science Professor John Domingue talks about how the evolution of AI is changing education.
  • Mulesoft’s Donnie Hall explains the impact automation is having on business.
  • Listen in on a panel discussion about how leaders can get the full value out of their green buildings.
  • The number of women partners in the private equity and venture capital industry is still low. Changing that is the focus of a LinkedIn live panel discussion moderated by the head of the Infosys private equity practice.
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In this edition of the Knowledge Institute Video Newsletter:

  • The 5th edition of the Infosys Digital Radar report identifies three capabilities that characterize high performing companies. They build a foundation of live data, organize around products, not processes and create a culture of responsible risk taking.
  • Hitachi Energy’s Global Head of Service Integration talks about the company’s out of the box implementation of ServiceNow’s ITSM module.
  • What’s the future of the metaverse? Meta’s Nik Kraft leads a panel discussion on the topic with E.ON, WHU and Infosys.
  • What’s Next, a new collaboration between the Knowledge Institute, Infosys InStep and the Wharton school, focuses on the metaverse and which industries are moving fastest to adopt Metaverse technologies and why.
  • In this month’s Knowledge Institute podcast, the CEO of Samsara talks about the company’s implantable miniature telescope that’s improving vision and quality of life for people with retinal disorders.
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In this edition of the Knowledge Institute video newsletter:

  • The Knowledge Institute’s recently published report ‘The Future of Work’ reveals work is evolving and defining a new business success
  • NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory librarian Caroline Coward is leading a key conversation on Ethical AI
  • Emre Kazim, co-founder of Holistic AI talks to the Knowledge Institute’s Chad Watt about getting ethics, trust, and transparency right in the early days of the algorithmic age
  • CBI innovation program director Naomi Weir is featured on another Ahead in the Cloud podcast. She explains how she’s guiding British business toward innovation
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In this edition of the Knowledge Institute video newsletter:

  • Infosys Knowledge Institute research is featured at Davos 2023.
  • Experts from AT&T, ServiceNow and Infosys discuss the latest trends in the telecom industry, including movement to cloud and edge computing.
  • Computing company Nvidia’s head of Enterprise Business talks about what combinations help build a cloud-based AI Platform for power users and digital novices.
  • The Knowledge Institute’s article ‘Back to the Future for Consumers in 2023’ set the context for discussions at NRF about consumer goods, retail and logistics companies thriving in an unstable economic environment by combining the old and new.

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