While it is often believed that innovation occurs in spontaneous and unplanned aha! moments, the truth is innovation is a force of habit. We need to train ourselves to think constantly, approaching old problems in new ways, and recognizing gaps that may not always be apparent. At Infosys, innovation is everybody's job. Our grassroots approach to innovation means it encourages everyone to stay focused on it all the time, rather than in between things. In fact, it is this unique approach to innovation that has made problem finding and solving second nature to us and has helped us set ourselves apart in the industry.

Design Thinking

Humans are intuitively wired to identify patterns, form ideas, and create solutions. As children, we're curious to explore how things work and make sense of the world in our own unique way. However, years of training in a certain school of problem solving forces us to unlearn other, more intrinsic methods of the same.

Design Thinking unboxes us, marrying both conventional problem solving methods and intuition. The Design Thinking process asks you to first define the problem and then find solutions, while focusing and empathizing with the user who will ultimately benefit from the solution.

Using this approach, we train our employees to think like designers using rationality and creativity in equal measure to design software, processes and strategies; trying, testing, and improving upon new ideas until they serve a clear purpose.

design thinking
zero distance
Zero Distance

As an organisation that's invested in finding and solving the business problems of enterprises, we believe in putting each of our employees at zero distance from our clients, so that they're completely aligned with their needs. This requires them to not do what the client has asked for dutifully and blindly; but to question, think, and innovate proactively. To do this, we mentor our employees, helping them identify possible opportunities to innovate while on the job. This also bolsters our core philosophy of Be More, as it pushes us to go over and beyond the scope of a prescribed assignment and find newer avenues for innovation and success. The 5-step approach to being at zero distance from our customers:

  • - Look around and learn from others
  • - Do something over and beyond the scope of a project
  • - Do something better than before
  • - Articulate the value of innovations in a way that matters to users
  • - Share that knowledge with others


An idea can come from anyone, anywhere. It is this belief that led to the launch of Murmuration - a first-of-its-kind crowdsourcing event that invites employees to share their ideas on innovation. Each idea is evaluated by a core leadership team based on its potential, viability, feasibility, desirability, and clarity. Some of the best ideas are then integrated into the company strategy. This approach helps us keep the conversation going and encourages an environment that's always buzzing with ideas. It also pushes everyone at Infosys to make sure their ideas see the light of day, instead of just being thought of and never pursued.