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Ahead in the Cloud Podcast

  • Ahead in the Cloud: Cloud’s Evolution from Infrastructure to Innovation with Anant Adya

    March 10, 2022
  • Anant Adya, EVP and Head Cloud, Infrastructure and Security Services at Infosys discusses the evolution of the cloud from infrastructure to innovation. Anant explains how cloud has advanced from its keep-the-lights-on infrastructure days to the modern make-magic-happen multicloud days.

    Hosted by Chad Watt, researcher and writer with the Infosys Knowledge Institute.

    “In the last few years, one of the themes that we have been using within Infosys is, software is the new hardware. The future is all going to be software, which will drive high quality and high optimized hardware, so I would say it's complimentary in a way.

    Today Cloud is no longer a destination. Cloud is part of everything. So whether you are writing a piece of software, expanding into new markets, building products and solutions, creating new experiences, Cloud is one such technology which is part of everything. Going forward, I think this is going to be one of the six technologies that I speak about which is going to be in everything that we do.

    When you actually migrate your workloads from on-prem into Cloud by retiring your data centers, you are making a huge impact with respect to sustainability goals. Similarly, when you actually move to Cloud, the amount of power, the amount of storage, the amount of compute that you require actually gets rationalized. Thereby, you are using less and you are actually, again, using less power.

    Phigital, the physical and the digital world coming together. We are all very early on, and we are looking at what Metaverse use cases are. We have more than a hundred use cases already at Infosys which are developed, and we are going to take them to the market, to our customers, and do prototyping and see how we can enable some of our customer's Metaverse journey.”

    - Anant Adya


  • A decade ago, cloud was seen as a way to move away from maintaining your own servers and shift the job to someone else’s computer. In that time, security and uptime were the main considerations around clouds.
  • Today cloud computing is so much more complex. Instead of a different place to put your data, modern cloud is a network of systems, connected and orchestrated in ways that allow companies unprecedented flexibility. Simply managing a business’ connections with Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure is a full-time job.
  • Understanding the basics of hardware is very informative in grasping the intricacies of cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid multicloud.
  • Companies have swung from “not in the cloud” to “everything in the cloud” and back to a more nuanced middle ground of some things in the cloud, and others on-premesis. The challenge is determining what goes where.
  • Scalability was the original strength of cloud. That helped small companies act like big organizations. For large companies cloud is a tool that allows for more flexibility and as a place to pursue innovation.
  • Flexibility and scalability in cloud have made large enterprises braver, and more willing to take risks and try new things.
  • Non-tech companies, such as global financial firm HSBC have begun to incorporate cloud and digital into their corporate strategies and financial metrics.
  • Modern cloud is going green. Major cloud providers are building environmentally-forward data centers for companies to use. In turn, these companies can demonstrate that they are finding ways to invest in sustainability in their digital efforts.
  • Cloud is the place where physical and digital (or “phygital”) will come together in the form of augmented reality, virtual reality and “metaverse.”

Show Notes

  • 00:14

    Chad introduces Anant

  • 00:19

    Tell us how long you've been with Infosys, and what led to your role leading cloud infrastructure and Cobalt?

  • 01:38

    What led you to be so fond of cloud?

  • 03:11

    Did you ever build your own computer?

  • 03:50

    How does hardware inform your approach to infrastructure?

  • 05:10

    How is it that cloud became so pervasive?

  • 07:39

    What is the most critical strength and benefit big companies are getting from cloud right now?

  • 09:43

    Tell us how the “why of cloud” has evolved since 2008 when you were dealing in cloud and infrastructure and keeping the lights on, to where we are today.

  • 12:21

    How is cloud enabling accountability?

  • 13:33

    What is multi-cloud or poly-cloud? And how should companies think about them?

  • 15:00

    What is Infosys Cobalt, and how it has all come together?

  • 15:58

    What is Cobalt 2.0? What comes in the next version?

  • 17:39

    Do you have any recommendations on some things that companies should NOT be doing in the cloud?

  • 18:12

    Is there any other new innovation that has you excited about the cloud right now?

  • 18:19

    Explain what metaverse is.

  • 18:27

    Anant describes the term “phigital.”

About Anant Adya

Anant Adya

Anant Adya is EVP- Infosys Cobalt & Cloud, Infrastructure and Security Services (CIS). He and his team are responsible for designing solutions to help customers in their Digital and Cloud journey. They use a combination of AI-led solution sets combined with capabilities from partner and startup ecosystem to design best solutions for customers. Cloud and Infrastructure Service line include infrastructure operations, security, data center and network transformation, cloud (public, private and hybrid), workload migration and service experience.