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Infosys Cloud Performance Index

Exceptional cloud performance can boost profits by up to...


$414 billion

But only with deep levels of adoption... (Profit benefits manifest only after 60% of cloud adoption)

$414 billion

...and thoughtful decisions in your cloud deployment. (Exceptional performers prefer hybrid cloud arrangements)

About Cloud Radar 2021

To better understand how companies can use cloud for better performance, Infosys surveyed more than 2,500 business and IT executives across five countries and 12 industries, between November 2020 and January 2021. The findings backed up what we all already had sensed: Cloud adoption continued to accelerate, doubling every two years, and has grown to touch all aspects of business. More interestingly, the survey revealed that cloud could deliver new capabilities that impact profit growth.

Cloud is no longer about saving time and money. New research from Infosys shows that businesses stand to add $414 billion of annual profit by using Cloud to increase their speed and capabilities to gain a competitive edge.

Cloud can add US $414 billion in profits

Financial Services and insurance


High Tech and manufacturing


Healthcare and life sciences


Consumer packaged goods, retail, and logistics


Telecom and utilities

Speed Capability

$ in Billions

Australia / New Zealand





Speed Capability

$ in Billions

Infosys’ Cloud Radar research found that the highest performing businesses had annual profits growth that correlated with using cloud to:

  • Develop and launch new solutions
  • Add new functions to software in use
  • Expand processing capacity
  • Foster collaboration
  • Unlock value from data via AI
  • Discover new revenue sources


cloud performance

to profits


Surveyed the cloud adoption and performance of 2,500 respondents, representing businesses with revenue more than US $500 million across 6 countries and 12 industries

Expert analysis

Interviewed cloud experts to interpret the data and identify the most important variables


Built model that identified correlations between profitability and the following variables:

  • Cloud Speed
  • Cloud Capability
  • Industry
  • Cloud Resilience & Security
  • Cloud Scale


Identified that improving performance in Cloud Speed and Cloud Capability could increase profit growth by up to 11.2 percentage points year on year


Applied model to known financial and economic data on businesses in the regions surveyed, normalized for differences in the sample distribution


Concluded that up to US$414 billion profits could be gained by achieving exceptional levels of cloud performance

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Enterprises can achieve these profit boosts regardless of industry. However, we found that profitability only manifests when enterprises have moved heavily into the cloud and taken appropriate decisions on how to arrange and manage their cloud systems. Specifically, speed and capability gains only kick in when an enterprise shifts 60% or more of its systems to the cloud.

AI allows businesses to improve performance through increased intelligence, data-driven processes, and a personalized end-user experience. Enterprises harnessing the power of AI invariably shift more to the cloud. Among other uses, cloud can help build data platforms that consolidate and surface enterprise data. AI models can then unleash the value of data in a new way by making it more usable by business functions.

The Infosys Cloud Radar 2021 survey asked executives how cloud is empowering their business across four areas of competency: speed, capability, security & resilience, and scale. We scored responses on a scale of 0 to 100 and grouped them into four cohorts: Exceptional, highly effective, effective, minimally effective. The average Cloud Radar score across the sample was 64. American companies showed the strongest cloud performance, with more companies ranking in the top two performance cohorts. A larger-than-average proportion of enterprises from Australia and New Zealand scored in the second-highest highly effective cohort.

It's easy to over-spend on the cloud. The Cloud Radar survey found that respondents with stronger performance and broader multicloud systems also expressed greater confidence in accurately estimating the cost of their cloud arrangements.

Cloud Radar respondents turned most frequently to private cloud – 41% of the time overall. Yet, enterprises in our top two cohorts showed a preference for hybrid multi-cloud arrangements. Hybrid cloud provides businesses with greater flexibility by moving workloads between clouds.

More than half of the companies in our survey say that in 2022 they will have moved a majority of their IT systems and business functions to the cloud. Defensive or maintenance-related cloud priorities allowed companies to keep the lights on and sustain their businesses through the Covid-19 pandemic. Offensive or progressive priorities (speed, scale, capacity) that took a back seat last year are set for a comeback by 2022.

The Infosys Cloud Radar survey found that enterprises are harnessing cloud to power industry-specific solutions and develop better strategies for emerging use cases.


the Cloud Radar


How does your enterprise compare with exceptional cloud performers? How do you stack up against competitors and businesses in your region?

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