Infosys Wingspan is a next-gen learning solution that helps organizations accelerate their talent transformation Journey From Talent Transformation to Digital Change Management. It enables organizations to focus on training their talent of today, to be ready for tomorrow. Based on open source technologies, Infosys Wingspan is a cloud-first and mobile-first solution that is designed to be accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device. Organizations using Infosys Wingspan can facilitate a culture of learning and collaboration for their employees as well as enable their leaders to derive strategic insights to track talent productivity.

Learners can interact with the voice-enabled ‘learning assistant’ for learning guidance. With an ever evolving range of curated content, it facilitates learning based on interest, skillset and function/role. Learning modules are a combination of instructor-led, assisted learning and self-learning sessions. With on-the-go access, Infosys Wingspan helps accelerate business and employee engagement. It aids talent in navigating their next by creating an environment for continuous learning to acquire the right and relevant skills.

Wingspan is the robust holistic learning solution that can help you Navigate Your Next in your talent transformation experience.


Welcome aboard! Make the learning experience of your organization’s talent more interactive and intuitive with role-based onboarding kits, curated playlists and custom goals which can be tracked by managers and learning anchors. There are a lot of cool features that make Wingspan a desirable learning platform for many organizations, for their talent transformation pursuit.

Infosys Wingspan provides the best-in-class curated content from multiple sources. Learners can access it seamlessly anytime, anywhere and on any device. Learning on-the-move is made easier as the content is available online and offline. Learners get a bird's-eye view on a topic of interest or delve deep into it for enriching their knowledge. The built-in AI-powered voice-enabled learning assistant responds to learners’ queries and also enables access to courses of interest within the solution.

There are several elements in Wingspan that make learning a much more enjoyable and engaging experience. Some of them are listed below.

  • Learners can create ‘Goals’ to achieve learning fitness. Managers can also set goals for their team members and track their progress. The ‘Navigator’ directs learners to steer through dynamic learning paths specially crafted for them. Learners can explore role-based offerings, acquire skills of their choice and build on their current skill set.
  • ‘Time Spent’ is a measure of the amount of time spent on learning initiatives on Wingspan and compare against the organization’s average.
  • The ‘Learning History’ feature presents learners with the list of courses that they have commenced and spurs them to complete them.

With ‘Cohorts’ learners can interact with their peers on topics of common interest over email or phone. Similarly, they can also interact with experts to get a better understanding of a specific topic. Powered by machine learning, Wingspan provides tailored and relevant learning recommendations to learners. It helps them personalize their learning experience through playlists and goals.

  • Learners can choose topics to add to their ‘Playlists’ and create their own learning paths. These paths can be shared with their peers too.
  • Incorporate role-based kits to train and engage talent with the ‘Onboarding’ function.

Learners can augment their competencies using the ‘Technology Playground’. In addition, learners can use the power of ‘Challenges’, ‘Contests’ and ‘Technology Assessment’ to

  • Conduct technology certifications
  • Test their own skills as well as the collective skills of different teams
  • Create coding contests and hackathons
  • Customize assessments

Learners can build a team of certified and deployable talent with ‘Virtual Proctored Certifications’, which enables learners to complete certification with ease anytime, anywhere. Fueled by gamification, learners can win cool ‘Badges’ by earning points after completing courses and topping the learning leaderboard.

Organization leaders can drive impactful learning initiatives with insights from ‘Analytics’ and ‘Heartbeat Telemetry’ as well as keep a check on the learning trends of the organization. Through extensive activity tracking, reports and personalized dashboards, they can develop and manage talent productivity.

Engage learners with a curated library of best in-class content. Seamlessly integrate your internal enterprise content or external third-party content. Learners can enjoy and choose any content format that best suits their learning requirements. They can learn from PDFs, podcasts, rich HTML, interactive labs and other content formats. Learners can also choose to learn bite-sized micro modules or dive deep into macro learning modules.

Never go out of touch! Learners can make the most of the hands-on coding playground and ‘Simulated Labs’ on cloud environment. These are made available on Wingspan to help learners practice and code after acquiring new skills.

Benefits – why Infosys Wingspan?

Infosys Wingspan offers multiple benefits when it comes to talent transformation with on-the-go learning capabilities. Here are some of them:

100% Cloud & Open Source-based, which enables easy deployment

A scalable, secure, open-source cloud-based solution that can be easily integrated with your enterprise SSO. This solution can be accessed anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Always-on support

Get round-the-clock guidance from experts and educators as well as technical and operational support for the Wingspan platform.

Make Wingspan your own

Make Wingspan unique to your organization by assimilating your brand narrative through logos, images and other brand elements on the customized homepage.

Get smart

Learners can interact with the AI-powered voice-enabled ‘learning assistant’ for guidance at any stage of the learning process. They can also access dynamic guided learning paths created for roles, skills and interest.


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