Shaping Corporate Learning and Reskilling with Infosys Wingspan

To tackle the uncertainties and complexities that define our environment, organizations need to prepare their workforce. In a world where businesses must contend with a multigenerational workforce, new work methods, a rapidly evolving digital landscape, and economic uncertainty, this is easier said than done. In such situation, it can be challenging to train employees and maintain internal capabilities but learning experience platforms (LXP) have shown to be helpful. LXP’s help with creating, managing, and presenting workforce training, just like the more antiquated learning management systems.

Infosys collaborated with Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC) GmbH, a part of Teknowlogy Group, to take a closer look at Infosys Wingspan, the LXP developed by Infosys. The whitepaper highlights how the platform combines the capabilities of different technologies and applications, such as AI and machine learning, to provide agile and continuous learning.


  1. Infosys has cultivated the culture of lifelong learning and focused on the evolution of workforce to remain relevant in the ever-changing technological landscape.
  2. Infosys Wingspan is a crucial employee experience platform, evolving with modern technologies like artificial intelligence and extended reality to enhance learning experiences.
  3. Corporate learning will continue to evolve and platforms like Infosys Wingspan also evolve to provide new learning experiences and expand its capabilities to meet the reskilling needs of the organization.
Read the whitepaper here