To function as digital natives, enterprises get deterred by their complex IT landscapes. Infosys Live Enterprise Suite, a modular yet holistic offering, enables enterprises to accelerate digital transformation so they can - drive intuitive decisions, build responsive value chains, and deliver perceptive experiences - all at scale.

The offering helps create a polycloud environment and navigate multiple clouds in a secure, compliant and consistent manner. It modernizes and simplifies IT by adopting open source and building newer capabilities. The suite adds intelligence to the enterprise core to constantly sense changes, respond and evolve. It helps reimagine user experience with hyper personalization and accelerates transformation through industry and functional solutions. Lastly, as it manages the enterprise landscape, it not only drives operational resilience but also assures security of all enterprise functions – enabling all these changes, one step at a time.

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Infosys Live Enterprise Suite strengthens an organization’s core to deliver digital capabilities