Enable change, one step at a time

Transforming into a Live Enterprise is not just about technology, but also about reimagining processes and experiences. This brings agility to the operating model and builds a digital runway for the enterprise, enabling new features, products, and platforms to be delivered faster. We enable the Live Enterprise transformation for our clients through:


As a leading global advisory firm, we enable organizations to reimagine their future and create sustainable and lasting business value. We help top organizations stay competitive, win new markets, and increase shareholder value by leveraging the full potential of the latest disruptive technologies. Because our talented teams sit at the intersection of industry, process, and technology, we are uniquely positioned to drive measurable results for you:

  • We strategize, design, and implement growth platforms in a seamlessly integrated way
  • Our domain experts have an average of 20 years of experience transforming business from the inside out
  • Our programs focus on achieving actionable results in rapid succession to help you show value to your stakeholders
  • We have access to a global network and delivery capability of 200,000 professionals that enable us to implement at scale

As enterprises embark on a digital transformation journey, they are likely to be fraught with disruption and adoption issues. Micro change is the new way to achieve success, with companies transforming themselves one micro step at a time during the agile build and ensuring that change management occurs along with each micro step.

Micro change uses three core concepts:

  • Sigma of micro changes - Micro change interventions are carried out along with agile sprints, so that change occurs within the sprints
  • Routine +1 - The change interventions are instituted bottom up, aided by changing the routines of impacted users in the as-is process (routine +1) and by providing the right cues, nudges, rewards, and recognition to change
  • Behavioral change - The cues and rewards cause minor changes to routines and over the sprints they ultimately lead to a behavioral shift and an achievement of the desired outcome

Insights derived from KPIs and analytics are used to determine the change interventions required at each micro step. Iterations and corrections are made with speed within the next sprint, so that by the end of the transformation, we are able to guide each micro step to achieve the final transformation objective.

As enterprises increasingly embrace digital technologies, there is a significant move towards ‘new ways of working’. Guided by principles and practices of agility, user centricity, lean thinking, automation-first and reliability, Infosys views this transition as a journey whereby organizations become highly agile, nimble, hyper-productive and sentient, eventually evolving into ‘live enterprises’.

With over 500 clients across industries, 150+ transformation engagements, Infosys Distributed Agile helps enterprises on their digital transformation at speed and at scale through:

  • Enterprise wide Lean + Agile + DevOps
  • Global Talent & Innovation Hubs
  • Enterprise Class Open Source DevOps Platform

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A platform playbook is a reference model/ best practices guide for enterprises, to experiment, build, and run platforms in their environment. The playbook provides the platform reference architectures, models implementation and migration guidelines, product management roadmaps, policies, and strategies to get the architecture right the very first time, and also support experimentation.

Live Enterprise Store is a one-stop shop where all modular pieces of the Suite (platforms, IP assets, offerings, solutions, other components) are available. An ever-growing repository, it currently hosts 200+ assets and solutions that clients can benefit from and works on a marketplace model wherein, clients can add their own assets too. The multi-tenant store is managed in a layered manner based on user persona enabling greater search, usage, standardization, and reuse.

The assets are calibrated against three levels of maturity: Labs, Incubate, and Graduate ensuring only high order and high quality IPs are retained in the store. Each asset goes through stringent checks with 25 point parameters covering engineering conformance, availability of various collaterals, compliance approvals, user ratings, adoption, revenue generation, etc.

It has features like micro stores, pre-configured dockets, ability to demonstrate the platform/solution, show relevant assets, enhanced search, assistance by bot, etc. Powered by telemetry, the Live Enterprise Store enables continuous improvement of the platform as well as the user experience. It is hosted on cloud to support anywhere, anytime access.

The Infosys Living Labs across the globe are dynamic open spaces that bring the energy of our most brilliant minds from various functions together, working in real-time on client projects. A hotbed of innovation, this is where we apply design thinking principles and emerging technologies in a sandbox like environment to find disruptive solutions for our clients.

An enabler for the Live Enterprise, living labs present our clients with an opportunity to experience the transformation we bring to a variety of industries and businesses. These physical spaces also provide a platform for clients to come together with the best of our talent under one roof to brainstorm on new ideas, tinker around with new age technologies, co-create, and co-innovate. The startup like environment with agile, seamless, collaborative spaces encourages creativity, experimentation, and failure. This is also where new concepts are researched, incubated and prototyped at speed for maximum advantage to accelerate transformation of incumbent organizations into digital natives.